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Friday, 23 May 2014


UPDATE:  I received the following email from James Edmunds on the 2nd of June.

I have also sent an urgent Freedom of Information request to Google International in order to get to the truth about this matter.   


Northamptonshire County Council
Democratic Services
County Hall
Northampton NN1 1DN

Dear Mrs Gisborn,

Complaint against the Police & Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire

I am writing to update you on the latest position concerning the complaint against the Police & Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire that you submitted to the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel.

The Police & Crime Panel’s Complaints Sub Committee met on 23rd May 2014 to consider the complaint in accordance with the Panel’s informal resolution process. At this meeting the Sub Committee resolved that it needed to request further information relating to the complaint from the Police & Crime Commissioner in order to complete informal resolution.

The Sub Committee is now due to meet again on 20th June when it will consider this further information and complete informal resolution of your complaint. As previously advised, you will be notified of the outcomes of this process once any actions recommended by the Sub Committee have been completed.

Please do contact us if you have any further questions at this point.

Yours sincerely,

James Edmunds

Democratic Services Assistant Manager
Secretariat to the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel

Date: 2nd June 2014


Northamptonshire County Council
Democratic Services
County Hall
Northampton NN1 1DN

Dear Mrs Gisborn,

Complaint against the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner

I wrote to you on 16th April 2014 to advise that the Monitoring Officer of Northamptonshire County Council had formally recorded your complaint against the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner. The complaint was subsequently referred to the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel’s Secretariat in order to convene a meeting of the Panel’s Complaints Sub Committee to consider the complaint. I can now advise that this meeting of the Complaints Sub Committee is due to take place on Friday 23rd May 2014. At this meeting the Sub Committee will consider the following matters: Whether the complaint has already been resolved

The Sub Committee is firstly required to check if the complaint has already been satisfactorily dealt with by the time of its meeting. If it appears to the Sub Committee that this is the case then it may decide to treat the complaint as having been resolved. In the event that the Sub Committee decides to treat the complaint as having been resolved you will be notified of its reasons for reaching this conclusion.

This is a standard question that the Sub Committee is required to consider when dealing with any complaint in order to prevent a situation in which it continues to pursue a matter that has effectively already been settled. I do not believe that the circumstances of your complaint are such that the Sub Committee will decide to treat it as having been resolved.

If there are any comments on this question that you wish to make then please could you provide these in writing to the address given in this letter by 5.00pm on 14th May 2014. These comments will then be taken into account by the Sub Committee.

Whether the complaint should be subject to Informal Resolution

The Sub Committee is then required to determine whether the complaint should be subject to Informal Resolution or should be excluded on grounds identified in the applicable legislation. Informal Resolution is intended to be a process for resolving a complaint by mediating between the parties involved. The grounds for excluding a complaint from

Informal Resolution are as follows:

a) The complaint is concerned entirely with the conduct of the Police & Crime Commissioner towards a member of their staff at the time when the conduct is supposed to have taken place.

b) More than 12 months have elapsed between the incident giving rise to the complaint and the making of the complaint, and either no good reason for the delay has been shown or injustice would be likely to be caused by the delay.

c) The matter is already the subject of a complaint.

d) The complaint discloses neither the name and address of the complainant nor that of any other interested person and it is not reasonably practicable to ascertain such a name or address.

e) The complaint is repetitious, or is vexatious, oppressive or otherwise an abuse of the procedures for dealing with complaints. If the Sub Committee decides that a complaint should be excluded from Informal Resolution it must then determine how to deal with the matter, which may include determining to take no action in relation to it. In the event that the Sub Committee resolves that your complaint should not be subject to Informal Resolution you will be notified of this.

Informal Resolution of the complaint

If the Sub Committee does determine that your complaint should be subject to Informal Resolution it will then use the meeting on 23rd May to consider what action it may take to assist in clarifying or resolving the issues raised in the complaint. The Sub Committee will base its deliberations on the information that you provided in your original complaint and comments provided in response to it by the Police & Crime Commissioner. You also have an opportunity now to make further comments in support of your complaint. If you wish to do so please could you provide these in writing to the address given at the top of this letter by 5.00pm on 14th May 2014.

The types of actions that the Sub Committee may take as a result of Informal Resolution of your complaint include:

 Agreeing that further information or an explanation of a situation be provided to you by the Secretariat on behalf of the Sub Committee;

 Recommending that further information or an explanation of a situation be provided to you by an officer from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner;

 Recommending a change to a policy or practice operated by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner;

 Requesting that the person complained against offers an apology to you. The types of actions that the Sub Committee may take, and the operation of the Informal Resolution process, are both governed by legislation. The Sub Committee may not conduct an investigation of a complaint and is prohibited from gathering information about a complaint other than inviting the comments of the complainant and the person complained against. The Sub Committee does not have the power to overturn a decision by the person complained against, to censure them, to require them to make an apology or to issue an apology on their behalf.

As part of the Informal Resolution process the Sub Committee will identify a timescale for the completion of any actions that it recommends. This will be influenced by the nature of the actions identified, although I would expect it to be a comparatively short period. Once the actions have been completed you will be notified of this. The matter will then be closed.

In summary therefore:

 The Police & Crime Panel’s Complaints Sub Committee is due to meet on 23rd May 2014 to consider your complaint in accordance with the Informal Resolution Protocol.

 You have an opportunity now to make further comments in support of your complaint, and/or about whether you consider that your complaint has already been resolved, if you wish to do so. Any comments should be made in writing by 14th May 2014.

 If the Sub Committee decides on 23rd May that the complaint appears to have already been resolved or decides that it should not be subject to Informal Resolution you will be notified of this after that meeting.

 If the Sub Committee carries out Informal Resolution of your complaint on 23rd May you will be notified of the outcomes of this process once any actions recommended by the Sub Committee have been completed.

Yours sincerely,

James Edmunds

Democratic Services Assistant Manager
Secretariat to the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel

UPDATE: http://standfirminthelord.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/the-trouble-with-adam-simmonds-pcc-northamptonshire/

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I thought that there was very little more to say about David Hind and Trinity Life Church. However I came across Hind's Twitter page yesterday and what I read was extremely concerning:

“Retweeted by David Hind

Darlene Zschech ‏@DarleneZschech May 11

Positivity only takes you so far. In the eye of the storm, we need HOPE. hope is a person and His name is Jesus xx”

Darlene Zschech quotes are not something to boast about. Her singing is fantastic, but amongst other things she supports Roman Catholicism and is thoroughly ecumenical. Her songs contain some of the false Pentecostal Latter Rain theology which is anti-dispensational and amillennial.

IS HOPE A PERSON? The biblical definition of hope: a strong and confident expectation  i.e. we hope in God.


Darlene Zschech: Holy Spirit Rain Down is a prayer to the Holy Spirit:


The teaching of Jesus Christ in Matthew 6/9-13 is for believers to pray directly to the Father. The New Testament also gives many examples of believers praying directly to Jesus Christ. However never at any time are prayers addressed to the Holy Spirit. You might ask: Why is this important? The Holy Spirit always leads people towards Jesus Christ, He never leads people to Himself. The classic mistake of the Israelites was to worship God illegitimately on the high places in contradiction to God's word. The idolatrous practices of the Israelites are given as examples and warnings in the New Testament so that Christians do not make their mistakes (1 Corinthians 10/6).

"The Israelites were commanded to destroy these places of idol worship, De 12:2, but instead of this, they imitated the heathen, and at first worshipped Jehovah in high places, 1 Samuel 9:12 1 Kings 3:4, and afterwards idols, 1 Kings 11:7 2 Kings 17:10,11. Here also they built chapels or temples, "houses of the high places," 1 Kings 13:32 2 Kings 17:29, and had regular priests, 1 Kings 12:32 2 Kings 17:32."  http://biblehub.com/topical/h/high_places.htm

The practice of unauthorised worship underlies a much deeper problem. It is to go beyond what is written and to do what is wise in our own eyes; in other words unauthorised worship is rooted in rebellion against God and pride. Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu died because they offered unauthorised worship (strange fire) before the Lord (Leviticus 10/1; Numbers 3/4, 26/61). The Bible tells us to pray in the Spirit never to the Spirit: .....praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit (Ephesians 6/18). Unauthorised worship is the gateway to deception and a counterfeit spirit.

I have applied all these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, brothers, that you may learn by us not to go beyond what is written, that none of you may be puffed up in favour of one against another. (1 Corinthians 4/6)

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119/105) 

Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD, and turn away from evil. (Proverbs 3/7)


“More David Hind ‏@davidhindtlc May 17

On many occasions over the last 29 years @michaelwsmith has inspired me to live closer to Jesus #sovereign is a fantastic album.”

Michael W Smith!!!! Another person whose music is fantastic; shame that he is a Luciferian though! There is a lot of information about Michael W Smith on the internet – here are three sites just for starters:

“There is therefore, simply no mistaking the fact that on at least two of his CDs, he is displaying these runic/Luciferian symbols…and is doing so in a secret, coded fashion. That is extremely and pointedly ominous.”


“Your church is spitting in God's face if you support Michael W. Smith's music. Smith has used occult symbols on many of his album covers.” 


And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11/14)

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. (Hosea 4/6)


“A privilege to be at the final Oadby Lighthouse Church celebration this morning.TLC @ Oadby campus begins on September 14th #excitingtimes.”

I did actually attend the Lighthouse Church about two years ago with some friends of mine for a very short period of time. However we had some concerns about finances and also about the pastor's meetings with ecumenical church leaders in Oadby (amongst other things). After the departure of  Richard Greasley (the pastor) we actually considered going back to the Lighthouse. All I can say is that this terrible decision to come under the umbrella of TLC has confirmed our decision to leave – be it on their own heads! 

Seek the LORD while he may be found;
call upon him while he is near;
let the wicked forsake his way,
and the unrighteous man his thoughts;
let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him,
and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.  (Isaiah 55/6-9)

Saturday, 17 May 2014


RE-POSTED WITH KIND PERMISSION OF NEVILLE STEPHENS  http://ziontalywain.blogspot.co.uk/


James Allen 2 May 2014 08:17
Hello all My name is James and after a long time I have decided to come out and share experiences which I personally have encountered. I was not able to share anything publicly before due to the fact I was working for the Sansomes and they would not allow anyone to deride or speak badly about Victory Outreach or Pastor Richard Taylor. I had to keep my experiences to myself.I am not working for them any longer as I have returned to the building trade so am free to share.

When Victory Church first started I was there. I attended the meetings in Pontypool due to the fact that Victory Outreach had such a good name and testimony. I knew what they stood for and had a desire to get involved with this type of ministry.My first impressions of Pastor Richard Taylor was he was worldly and in love with himself so had some reservations about going to hear him.I was, however, impressed. He preached truth and seemed to have a genuine heart for the Lord. At this time I was having some difficulty in my home church which made me want to believe even more in Victory Church.Anyway, my family and I started to attend and gave considerably to Victory Church as we were constantly told how desperate the church's finances were. Then we moved to Cwmbran and it was exciting to see the church grow and develop. The first time I remember it starting to go downhill was where Richard Taylor preached "Killing Sacred Cows". His whole demeanour towards different aspects of church life was nothing short of pure mockery.

Since that night, things went downhill quite rapidly, but by this time I was really into VC. I had some great friends there, I got to know some staff members very well. I was helping out with certain maintenance work on the church and the Bush hotel. Most of this work I did for free, however they did pay me a discounted fee for fitting laminate flooring in one of the homes. During this time, staff members came and spoke to me in confidence and also residents came and spoke to me. They told me how they had to give up free time to decorate one home for Richard Taylor to live in on fear of being kicked out. I witnessed them work very long hours and were shocked that people who were unfit for work and claiming benefits could be put to work.In fact when I had a private tour with Richard Taylor and David Bailey of the new facilities in Cwmbran, Richard personally told me he had free labour to build the church, namely, with the VO residents.

I know that this was a breach of benefit rules as I used to work for a benefit fraud department of the civil service. These residents asked me if it was right for them to be living in poverty and eating rubbish cheap food when the director and role model was living it large in sports cars, designer clothes and with the latest gadgets. I assured them that the prosperous life style was divorced from the standards taught by the Saviour in the word of God.The boys showed me their meals. I wouldn't have given some of that to a pig let alone people.I have plenty more to write but as time is short, I will come back to this later. I have many experiences which I will share. I have emails from Kenny Brandie and Richard Taylor which I will not be sharing unless I absolutely have too but might make reference to them. I am coming out now as I know that so many people have been affected and are afraid to speak due to backlashes and legal letters. I can confirm a lot of what these people have said but will only share my personal experiences.

More to come, James.

Before I come back with anything, I just want to add that I will not be slaying people but only speaking observations. Most of my dealings with Kenny have been positive and I genuinely did like him until he sent me an email which was quite derogatory. I seek to bring about a bit of a balance as there is a lot of slander and hurling of accusations going on which is not Christ like. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. James.

James Allen3 May 2014 04:49
To Reply to the well spoken gentleman, I am a big fat liar. Big and fat yes, and I am a liar outside of Christ. The Lord dealt with me lying when I received Christ as my Saviour in the year 2000 and He completely delivered me from lying, along with other sins. There is only one person who did work with me from VO and he told me some very interesting facts about the Director’s salaries, along with other very interesting facts. It is amazing to see how people’s loyalties can change in a blink of an eye.
The well spoken gentleman (if it is the one person who worked with me, unless they are lying) will be glad to know though that I will not be repeating these conversations as I will only be reporting what I saw and heard with my own eyes.
When I was in VO/VC as it was then, I loved what they were doing. VO had a great testimony and I knew what they stood for. I had a heart for that work and went in to it.
My wife and I went to see Pastor Richard Taylor and offered our services to him. It was discussed how my wife might go and work at the church one day a week voluntarily. We met with RT in the Bush Hotel and he told us what he wanted to do.
He said he wanted struggling churches to come to him for him to take them over and that he would make them grow. This is what they must do though for him to “save them”. All of the elders must step down as elders and RT would put his own people in place. Then they must relinquish full financial control of the finances and church to RT and he would be in control. Then a representative of this church must come to the VC meeting on a Saturday night and take back a DVD of RT preaching and they all watch it Sunday morning in the church. He then asked me if my church had a Pastor and looked disappointed when I said it did.
RT then told us that he wanted to be able to rent the Cwmbran building to the local council and local businesses for a large sum of money for them to hold conferences etc. He suggested that my wife could spearhead that. She was not asked to do it, it was just a suggestion. At first I thought that would be a good idea but then as I was praying about it, the scripture which someone else has made mention of came to me very clearly. “My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves.” I believe that the house of God should remain the house of God and should not become defiled with the things of the world. Leviticus 26:2 says we should reverence the sanctuary.
I became very friendly with people in VC and VO and some of these people, who were in the know and had proof of what they were saying, came to me and started to tell me things which were going on. At first I started to dismiss these things as rubbish but when different people came to me and told me the same facts unknown that I had already been told, I started to take notes. As stated I used to be employed by a fraud department and this taught me to gather evidence and to observe.
I was told stories of excessive spending and waste of valuable resources. Staff members told me about residents being forced to work excessive hours to build the church.
RT once (well more than once really), stood up in the pulpit and told everyone that he didn’t get paid for this (VC) because he was paid by media appearances and his books etc and said he did the church for free because he was called by the Lord. Well, I believed that and was conned on this fact. The well spoken gentleman as referred to prior informed me how he was paid. But I will not mention that.
It was around this time in VC that Mr A Parsons arrived at VC and I got on quite well with him. He was polite and courteous with me and I had no reason to suspect him of anything. He asked me to fit laminate flooring in one of the VO homes which RT was moving in to. He also insisted that I was paid for it as this was my line of work. I appreciated that. So in my experience I did not have any bad dealings with this man. I have heard since many stories but to remain balanced I had no bad experiences.

James Allen3 May 2014 04:51
RT approached me one evening and asked me to lead the church in evangelism in Cwmbran. I was pleased to and said I would.
The next evening a visitor came and gave his testimony, I won’t say who to protect him. I struck up conversation with him and he told me that RT had asked him to come to Cwmbran and lead the church in evangelism. I smiled to myself. With that RT walked up to us and thrust an envelope into the man’s hand containing a good sum of cash. The man refused it but RT told him he had to take it, so he did.
I also built a manhole in the church in RT’s office for free and whilst I was doing that, one by one the residents came in to me and told me many sad stories of how they were being treated by VO.
Eventually I had heard enough and made the decision to leave the church. The teaching had become almost awful at this point. RT’s attitude seemed to become, in my opinion, very arrogant and if I heard him tell people to “Shut Up” one more time I would’ve burst.
I then reposted articles on Facebook counteracting the teaching of RT, which Godly friends of mine had posted. For this I was brandished a heretic by Alan Davies and all the people unfriended me on Facebook.

James Allen3 May 2014 06:12
I want to say at this point that I have not had any personal issues with any person in VO/VC. I enjoyed good fellowship with Kenny and his wife, they came to our house for a meal and we got on well. We did invite RT over but he never came. It was the false teaching which in the end saw us leave.
And it is only the 2 emails I received since I left which caused a sour taste in the mouth.
I did consider contacting my old office to report the benefit fraud issues but decided not to because of the testimony of Jesus Christ. I did not want the world (media etc) to have occasion to slander the church or the work of VO.
I am only writing this now to provide closure in my life so I can move on. There are many people who have authority to come forward and speak out to try and curb what is alleged against RT and AP as this blog has been exposing. For many different reasons they refuse to do so. The primary reason they won’t speak is fear. I find this sad and know that the fear of man brings a snare to the believer’s life.
It is better to fear God than to fear man.
I have asked a number of people the following question, “How many lives have to be ruined before anyone speaks up?”
This is why I am speaking up because I believe by keeping silent I would be condoning all this activity. Which I do not.
There is a release in speaking the truth publicly without fear. If everyone were to speak out, there is unity and strength and the power of the accused is weakened. But that is a matter for everyone else to
seek the Lord about and act accordingly.

Some of the things taught from the pulpit were as follows and I summarise:
You have to do what the leaders tell you without question, especially if you want position.
There was a huge firepit surrounding Jerusalem where people used to burn their rubbish this is an illustration of hell. – I would hate to have lived in Jerusalem with dung and rubbish burning smells and smoke constantly surrounding the city. Come on – as if! No mention of this in Bible.
When Jesus heals people, their muscles are still weak and they need to rest much – this is why a lady who was pronounced healed had to go back to her wheelchair. The lame man was told to take up his bed and walk. The bed was for when his weak muscles were tired and he would need to lie down again. I wonder how the man in Acts at the gate Beautiful was able to walk and leap and praise God if his legs were weak.
Jesus did go down whilst in the tomb to Hades to a waiting area – this issue is not 100% clear in the bible so cannot be taught as fact.
RT said around the communion table that people have to come down to get communion as, I quote “I’m not serving you, Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve.”
RT did a series based on Psalm 1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
A few weeks later he was caught by a very young convert (my sister) in a pub in Cardiff with a pint in his hand, he then told my sister that the drink was not for him and he was witnessing. He then told my sister that she should be too, to which she replied that she was with her hiking group.
Now, how can a man be a director of a Christian Rehab, helping people overcome addictions and helping alcoholics be seen buying alcohol even if it is for someone else? Is he trying to drum up business for the rehab? Or is it double standards?
All this and what I was told saw me leave VC and not get back involved. 

James Allen3 May 2014 06:13
I will not speak of what others have told me as for me to repeat it is pure hearsay. Unless I witnessed it myself I will not repeat it. But much of what I have read in these blogs I have heard personally told me.
The bible teaches us that God blesses unity. I ask the question how can a church experience an “outpouring” when there are so many people deeply hurt by the same said organisation? God will not bless where there is a problem between believers. The bible teaches us that if any man come to present a gift at the altar and a brother have anything against him, then they have to leave the gift and go and put things right with the brother or sister then come and present the gift.

I put a challenge out to all those who claim to be Christians – to examine your hearts. Do you have anything against another? If so pray for reconciliation, try and put things right, heap coals upon heads and let the name of Jesus Christ be exalted. Pastor Richard, Mr Parsons and Mr Brandie – many accusations have been made which are detailed on these blogs – I ask you to pray and ask the Lord how unity can be achieved between you and ex-residents and staff. No matter who is right or wrong all this unrighteousness needs to be placed at the foot of the cross and covered with the blood of Jesus.
Please seek reconciliation!

In Jesus name



Posted by Neville Stephens at 02:48


Neville Stephens4 May 2014 02:55

Thank you again my brother in Christ for coming out so openly to give this very balanced view of some of the operations taking place at VOUK and VC.

I echo your sentiments that others will follow your excellent example and will "come out" into the open with more facts exposing the evil antics taking place at Greenforge Way and at The Bush Hotel.

We do receive lots of anonymous comments because people are in fear of the bully boys employed by the wretched Parsons. But we trust and pray that more "named" people will come forward to help us take this investigation a step further.

Maranatha Blessings,

Anonymous4 May 2014 03:10

Well done James, and God Bless you for your honesty and integrity.Reply


Neville Stephens4 May 2014 09:27

Amen to that.



Anonymous4 May 2014 04:15

Yes, I echo the thoughts above of well done to James, and also may the Lord protect him from any comeback from the bullies at VOUK now that he has come out into the open,Reply


Neville Stephens4 May 2014 09:28

Amen as above, and yes, we will all be praying for protection for James as well as the Lord's leading and blessing.

In Him,


Anonymous4 May 2014 09:50

Even a fair and balanced view point from Mr Allen paints a very bad picture of Richard Taylor, VC and VOUK.Reply


Neville Stephens5 May 2014 02:54

Thank you, and yes it does paint a bad picture of them.



Anonymous5 May 2014 06:31

Yes Nev , The teachings of the leaders at Vc have gone terribly awry, there is a Catholic Charismatic conference at a Lisvane school in Cardiff for the Family, and assistant pastor from vc is speaking/preaching. see website for infohttp://www.celebrateconference.org/weekends/wales/Reply

Neville Stephens6 May 2014 00:49

Yes, let's have all the churches together praising "another Jesus" in a watered down version of Christianity!

Having a form of godliness but denying the power therein, as the great Apostle Paul warned his younger brother and servant Timothy of things to come in the end times!

This is now happening all over the world as churches are being deceived by the god of this world, Satan, and I am afraid that Cwmbran, Newport, Swansea, Cardiff and most of South Wales is being swallowed up by this latter time apostasy and deception.

God Save Us All From Such Delusions!

Anonymous7 May 2014 08:54

although i agree with 99% of what Mr Alan says i have to disagree with the benefits side of things. people not deemed fit for work can still work some hours and some duties. i was there when cwmbran was being renovated and was shocked by.what i saw. residents were promoted to staff trainees and asked to be on 24 hr call. the longest i seen was two years and still no wage just more responsibility.One event sticks in my mind as pure Mr Taylor, he comes barging in demanding everybody be ready for work inspite their being a bug doing its rounds. this type of behavior should be reported


Neville Stephens8 May 2014 01:15

Many thanks for your response my friend.

The latter part of your comment just adds further damning evidence against Taylor and Parsons, who run this regime of theirs with an iron fist! Christian preachers of the Good News - My foot!!

Be Blessed,

Anonymous9 May 2014 01:27

Well Yes on one hand, people are allowed to work some hours and do some duties
but it wouldnt be legal for them to work long hours in positions of responsibility and authority
or to work in that position for a long time
as then the subject of wages would fall to vo if they were providing a service to them
but of course im sure vo wouldnt do that
as for barging around shouting the odds, criticising and barking orders to everyone, yes, that is taylors speciality
shameful, where are the fruits of the spirit? non-existent
they rule with an iron rod and a sharp tongue
pova (protection of vulnerable adults) would have a field day if they only knew

Neville Stephens9 May 2014 01:41

Yes, some good points there my friend.

Thank you for your comments,



Anonymous10 May 2014 01:39

I have to agree with James Allen regarding benefits. Why should the government foot the bill when they are pulling in cash from all directions and wasting the biggest part of it on expensive unnecessary items?? Sounds to me like they have well and truly tapped into the voluntary sector to feather their nests and hands the receipt to the DWP. So we as taxpayers are paying for their workforce. James is right in saying that this is fraudulent on taylor's part.Reply


Neville Stephens11 May 2014 02:07

Yes, it is fraudulent on Taylor's part.....but what is new?

I think this will be reported and investigated in good time.

Many Thanks for your comment.

Be Blessed,


Anonymous11 May 2014 02:24

yes its me Nev, Alison, at last yippeeee at long last you have some one who is willing to speak out against those gangsters at Cwm bran, oh thank you lord for truth at last,also Nevil what ever happened to that oap did he survive ?Reply


Neville Stephens11 May 2014 02:44

Hi again Alison.

Glad you are back. Any info you can provide on "the gangsters" will be most welcome.

I think the OAP pensioner you refer to is okay, but he was very badly treated by the shameful people at VC and took a long time to recover.

I will try and find out more if I can.

Be Blessed,


Anonymous12 May 2014 13:58

They parade these people before churches and prime them on how good it is at the home when they are controlled and d coerced into working for their cause because it's what God wants or be out on their backside. At the same time creating a dependency on its leaders and not teaching that they can have a life. Dangerous places that use emotional blackmail and smile and say we love you but at the same time have secret agendas and backstab frequently. Sound familiar? Just keep paying your rent and we will keep receiving housing benefit which is through the roof and call it helping you while we box you in and sit on a small fortune and lead a comfortable life. Scam!! A Christian scam. Trustees are manipulated by the ones who really have control and will use any means necessary to get their own way, and will stoop low to do it to protect their name and reputation, playing people of f one another, very manipulative all for 'God's love'.
I've got friends not Christian who would NEVER behave like these so called people of faith who disgust me. Just shows how low people will go to use church, God and the name of Jesus as a business for their own desires and acting like they're right and everyone else is wrong.

Fed up!Reply

Neville Stephens13 May 2014 00:54

Thank you "fed up", and I can fully understand why you feel this way.

Obviously you are another one who has been put through the mill, subjected to the disgraceful treatment dished out by Taylor and Parsons at VOUK and VC, and we do sympathise with you.

You are far from alone on this issue my friend, and we still urge people to come forward with their "testimonies" of this scam of a so-called "Christian" organisation in order to gain further evidence to bring them to their knees in repentance.

God help them before it is too late, as the time is getting shorter now before the Rapture of the church to glory.

Maranatha Blessings,

Anonymous13 May 2014 04:48

Hi Nev,

The directors are taking excellent wages from Vouk as posted on previous articles and also studying the accounts.Yet they find the need to go peddling Hand Made Crafts that the residents have made to sell on a STALL IN BLACKWOOD MARKET this stall was launched on the 9/5/2014 see twitter #GODISABLE approx halfway down page. I could understand if the Charity was strapped for cash and no one was taking excellent salaries eg just purely voluntary with no help from the social security yet to set up a stall and also advertise on video via website that text donations to vouk can now be made in the sums of between £5.00 and £10.00, any over that limit must go in the collection, exact words by asst pastor. I find this immoral.

God Bless


Neville Stephens13 May 2014 05:32

Immoral indeed!

Thank you for this.

Every Blessing,

Anonymous13 May 2014 06:48

The whole staff of the churches are paid by vouk! Then to have the audacity to say you don't take a salary from the church, yes because the charity foots the bill. Hence the line of thought that without the vouk hard work and sacrifice of its previous founders there would be no church! And guess what 1 home is sold and another stands empty fuelling the belief it will be sold to pump up the expenses of the leaders and their salaries. If the masses new the truth they would see these boys in a different light. The homes suffer at the expense of the leaders and it's so called churches, namely Taylors,Parsons and wife the pa and the brandies. Feathered nests living very comfortably indeed. Expenses paid to promote the vouk work my foot, to promote their big egos and having the best of everything at no expense whilst the residents live on a strict budget of next to nothing. Failed businessmen sucking the life from a reputable charity which they have had the face to take the credit for, baloney. I predict that they will walk away from it all like a dead dog whilst they are walking in health, wealth and prosperity!!!

Shalom Nev


Neville Stephens13 May 2014 08:08

Good to hear from you again "M".

Yes, you are so right when you say they have the audacity to say that they do not claim a salary when they are raking it in from all of their other money spinning activities!

The rich get richer while they exploit the hard-working efforts of the vulnerable on benefits, and in return give them a pittance to live on, and food you would not give to your dog!

They are a total disgrace, and the sooner we bring Taylor and Parsons to justice the better.

God Bless You "M",


Anonymous13 May 2014 07:03

Yeh I've watched him prancing round the platform doing his Richie rendition of 'how marvellous how wonderful' didn't spot it then but he obviously had one eye on the offering and standing orders, let's sing it again ' how marvellous how wonderful'. A few of my mates went there from jail and they all said he's at it. They was working at a house he was going to move in with his family and he pulled up shades on bmw roof down and they'd been threatened of eviction if they didn't work that day. Loads of people I know who need help won't go there cuz to a criminal he's still at itReply


Neville Stephens13 May 2014 08:13

Yes my friend "How wonderful and marvellous" is the Mighty Richie....My Big Foot!!

He is everything but this, and more and more people are beginning to see through his charades and his sinful ways. May the Lord bring it upon him sooner rather than later!

It says it all when people who need help will not go to VOUK and VC because of their terrible reputation.....and all of this in the name of Christ from a so-called "Christian" organisation.

May the Lord bring closure to their sinful activities ASAP.

Maranatha Blessings,

Anonymous13 May 2014 14:17

the house that taylor moved into was one of the homes and he ousted the residents out so he could move in on one of the days when we were working there taylor pulled up at about 3 and the gang were having there 1st break cos they wnated the work done quick so he could move in, taylor gets out and blasts us all cos we were on a break he wou ld never thank anyone for doing the work just on our backs the whole time another day one of the boys said he didnt want to lose his day off on a sat cos theyd bin working there all week, and parsons said if you dont work you leave, and he did too a nice kid and he had to leave cos of that these pair are just a pair of cowboys

Neville Stephens14 May 2014 02:02

I am afraid the threatening attitude of Taylor and Parsons has left a lot of scars on young, poor, vulnerable, and unfortunate people.

God repay them for what they have done, both in this life and the one to come!

In Yeshua,


Anonymous13 May 2014 07:12

Dick Turpin I mean Taylor has screwed the DWP for enough cash about time someone shopped the crookReply


Neville Stephens13 May 2014 08:14

I think you may find that people are now prepared to shop Dick Turpin, also known as Richie Taylor.

Be Blessed,


Anonymous13 May 2014 07:14

Why would anything over a tenner have to go in the offering, explain?Reply


Neville Stephens13 May 2014 08:16

Why would anyone give a single penny to this corrupt and evil organisation?

Please explain that one to me.

Anyone who charges to hear the Word Of God is a total disgrace, and certainly part of the "name it and claim it" false prosperity Gospel agenda!


Anonymous13 May 2014 11:49

Hi I do not know why anything over £10.00 would have to go in collection, unless that is all you can give by text. Have a listen to the Promo video about giving and whats coming soon. Baffled me a bit too. So as Nev says I would not give one brass farthing, once bitten twice shy....

Neville Stephens14 May 2014 01:59

Yes, give not a single brass farthing to this corrupt organisation.



Anonymous14 May 2014 09:04

there all just a bunch of scumbags and dont deserve a penny from us poor people!



Neville Stephens15 May 2014 00:58

A little harsh in wording, but fully agree with your sentiments.

They do not deserve a penny.

Be Blessed,

Anonymous15 May 2014 01:41

there not just scumbags there dickheads as well

Neville Stephens15 May 2014 05:22

Come on now, less of this language please, but we know where you are coming from.


Neville Stephens15 May 2014 08:34

No more name-calling please, as in the above couple of posts, for I will not publish any more like these!



Anonymous14 May 2014 23:41

If the accounts of the former residents are true then it is very worrying .This just smacks of a controlling sort of cult.
The sermon Taylor gave (i mean rant) at the so called outpouring anniversary showed that he doesnt like to be challenged as he is by this blog.
I remember him some years ago again using the platform to have a go at persons who he said attended the church but didnt put as much as ten pence on the plate.It baffles me as to why people go to churches where they are obviously witnessing a manipulator at work.Reply


Neville Stephens15 May 2014 01:00

Yes, the accounts would appear to show a very worrying scenario, but then again they are accountable to NO ONE therefore they can get away with what they want.

And with the former bankrupt couple of Mr and Mrs Andrew Parsons in charge of the finances, is it little wonder that there are questions galore to be answered?

Yours worryingly,


Anonymous15 May 2014 05:23

Don't forget the New Wine Cymru coming up at Swansea this week. Even the great Richie Taylor will be speaking at this event, so it must be from the Lord!!!!

Also "healing" services led by the false prophet Randy Clark, so must dash........just in case I miss it (NOT)!. And you have to pay as well! Oh My God, please deliver them.

God Bless,

Neville Stephens15 May 2014 06:06

Yet another event sent from the god of this world to deceive the poor vulnerable people of South Wales.

We seem to have had our more than fair share of false teachers and false prophets these past couple of years, and the incessant flow shows no sign of abating.

Not enough Christians praying against the enemy I guess, for the fiery darts of the wicked one seem to be penetrating our flimsy armour at this moment in time!

Maranatha Blessings,

Anonymous15 May 2014 08:36

Why are we in South Wales under such attacks all of the time?

Are we worse than England or Scotland? Or even North Wales?

God help us as we defend ourselves against the enemy.Reply


Neville Stephens16 May 2014 00:52

I don't think we are any worse than most countries of the world, but for some reason Satan does find fertile ground in the Welsh valleys and surrounds.

Even so, put on the full armour of God found in Ephesians Six, and then the enemy can never penetrate this, for he is a beaten foe as the result of the Supreme Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary's Cross.

Every Blessing,


Anonymous15 May 2014 15:23

I really do not hope that the precious young lady who has passed away, Caroline howarth is not a testimony of healing from the outpouring stuff, really I hope notReply


Neville Stephens16 May 2014 00:58

Amen to that.

And also our prayers go out to young Lee Howorth and baby Halle-May following the sad and devasting loss of wife and mother Caroline.

We might criticise the leadership of VC on this blog, but not their genuine Christian supporters and our prayers go out to this young family and their friends. May Caroline find rest in the arms of our Blessed Saviour.

Every Blessing In Yeshua,


Anonymous16 May 2014 07:41

Nice comments Nev.

We must attack the apostate leadership but not the vulnerable worshippers at vc.

God bless this young family.Reply


Neville Stephens17 May 2014 01:15

Thank you my friend.

Everyone please pray for this distraught young family.

In Yeshua,


Anonymous16 May 2014 08:18

I cannot take the guilt any longer; they have hatched a plan to take revenge on the former directors. Almost everything is in place now; soon Pastor Richard will strike a devastating blow that will completely crush their spirits. Lord have mercy on me for the Judas I have become. This will be my first and last comment I will write


Neville Stephens17 May 2014 01:19

Many thanks for this spectacular information "H".

It sounds devastating. Is there anything we can do to prevent this happening, or at least to warn the innocent parties?

Any info you can provide will be swiftly acted upon.

Thanks again for sharing with us.

In Yeshua,


Anonymous16 May 2014 10:35

Although I wrote that I would not write any further comments, I feel I must give my heartfelt sympathy to lee, the fine young man who has lost his wife. May God be with him in this very sad time of grief, our prays and hearts are with him



Neville Stephens17 May 2014 01:20

Thanks again "H". We are all praying for Lee, Halle-May and his close family and friends.

Blessing In Jesus,


Anonymous16 May 2014 11:13

Praying for the family for God to comfort them in Jesus nameReply


Neville Stephens17 May 2014 01:23

Amen my friend.

Please keep praying for the Howarth family and friends.



Anonymous16 May 2014 11:44

Taylor and Parsons are merciless ruthless thugs who will remove anyone who questions or is seemingly disloyal to their cause. Their behaviour is downright disgusting, I'm aware of many situations that they have had a heavy hand in that cannot be deemed Christian. They use social media as a smokescreen and yet there is lots of testimony and evidence of their corrupt and evil nature's. Doesn't it say something when he will have all the vulnerable adults from vouk up on stage with him like he's some kind of mafia boss and dares anyone challenge him? Really what does that tell you? People are absolutely dim and under a spell. Taylor is a fraud and uses the bible for his fraudulent masquerading and the church to pay for his lifestyle. My blood is boiling because it's still going on as I hear and see more damage that this idiot is doing. Parsons, well why are people fooled by this clown he is a BULLY wake up people please don't dismiss us as haters, we don't hate on you but we know and have seen and still are seeing this pair at work. After all that has already happened no one questions and reasons but buys into the lie, lights blazing music blaring on a mission, yes a mission that pummels people into the ground and if you don't like it tough. What would Jesus make of that?

Shalom Nev, and of course, shoulder to shoulder.



Neville Stephens17 May 2014 01:28

Many Thanks again "M" my friend, it is always good to hear from you.

I can only echo your sentiments above and agree with every word you state. If only we could bring this evil duo to justice this side of glory?

I don't suppose you know anything about the devastating plan hatched by Taylor and Parsons against the former directors, as revealed above by "H" do you my friend?

I presume the directors in question are the innocent Sansomes, and I would hate to see them brutally attacked by T&P.

Please help in any way you can.

Every Blessing In Jesus,