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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Cllr Haynes Statement:

Following my article on Welsh Outpouring Concerns: http://eliora.hubpages.com/hub/THE-WELSH-OUTPOURING-VICTORY-CHURCH-CWMBRAN-RICHARD-TAYLOR-RIDING-ROUGHSHOD-OVER-LOCAL-RESIDENTS

Councillor Haynes has made the following statement on Facebook: Torfaen Matters on I believe the 26th of August 2013:

"Where to start...
There has recently been a very vitriolic blog posted on the www that told substantial lies about me and my family and some innocent constituents. I made contact with the blog writer. I told them about the lies they printed and gave them time to rectify, before pursuing through the courts. That blog has since been removed.
This issue revolves around a Church known as Victory Church within my ward. As you know, there seems to be an issue with some people and that church. People are entitled to their opinions on what happens there but I have no opinion on it. I do not attend, am not a member and am not interested in what goes on there other than the impact it has and any complaints raised from residents. That is as far as my interest goes.
So let’s get down to the allegations fired at me by the blog and others on TT.
1. Allegation that I am related to the Paul Haynes who is the gentleman who is no longer in a wheelchair. TRUTH - I know Paul well through him being a constituent. We are not related.
2. Allegation that I am related to Anita Barnard. TRUTH – I know Anita Barnard through being a constituent. She was also an active member of the Oppose the Prison action group that went on to form CGT.
3. Allegation that I breached the code of conduct by failing to declare an interest in so far that my sister & mother attend Victory Church, whilst dealing with resident complaints about Victory Church. TRUTH – Monitoring Officer confirms that no interest is declarable on an enforcement /regulatory issue that I will not make a decision on. I have done nothing wrong.
4. The Allegation that I removed the church from my FB profile. TRUTH-as you can imagine, the blog & lies told about me knocked me for six. I expect that in the political arena but for complete strangers and others to tell complete lies about me & my family is just not on. I removed myself from ALL FB groups except my own ward group. I even left my own families groups. Also, I did not have Victory Church on my FB to begin with. I had Unite@Victory which is a Friday group within the church. Yes I removed it but I removed myself from every group I belonged too, even the sell it/swap it sites and TM!
5. The Allegation that I attend Victory Church. TRUTH-I do not/have not attend Victory Church. I do not attend any church. I was brought up in the Methodist Church and have strong morals and try to follow a Christian life but I do not attend any church and have not since I was a teenager (and that’s a long time ago!)
6. The veiled allegation that I have not done my job properly in relation to complaints raised. You will now see that since 2010 I have logged and had enforced a number of complaints made against Victory Church......

Change of Use to a church - Change of use planning permission was sought retrospectively in 2010 (ref. 10/P/00424) after I reported that breach to Planning Enforcement. The application was submitted on 17 August 2010 and approved using officer delegated powers on 3 February 2011. The permission granted is for “offices & storage and charity headquarters/weekly assembly meetings and use for restoration of furniture”. There are no restrictions on the hours of operation. These decisions were made by planning Officers. I had no input or say in this.

Café - The café was retrospectively registered with the environmental health team in May 2012 after I reported it after receiving a complaint. The Café currently has no planning consent and is subject to enforcement (that I also reported several months ago after receiving a complaint).

Car Wash - The car wash planning permission was sought retrospectively in 2011(ref.11/P/00617) after I reported it after receiving a complaint. The application was submitted on 22 November 2011 and approved using officer delegated powers on 7 March 2013.

TREES – Complainant reported that the church was cutting down their own trees around the fence. I reported this in 2012. Officers investigated and none had Tree Preservation Orders on them so no action was taken. Officer stated that “Private landowners have responsibility for their own trees”.

Signage - Signage does not currently have any approval and is also subject of current planning enforcement investigation (ref.13/ENF/193) that I reported. There was previously more signage than currently exists but Neighbourhood Services have already acted on this issue insofar as it relates to highway land, after a previous complaint I logged with them in 2012.

DRINKING/DRUGS – complaints of drinking & drugs were reported to me & the Police who have investigated on each occasion. The police have confirmed to me that to date the complaints received have not brought forward any evidence to back up the complaints."

This is my response to the above statement by Cllr Haynes:

My article was temporarily suspended due to pixelated images which I have removed. There is no other reason why it was taken down despite much speculation and premature glee from certain parties.

The reason I wrote the article Welsh Outpouring Concerns was not because I have a particular axe to grind against Cllr Haynes; in fact I had never even heard of Cllr Haynes before writing the article. My concerns are about the Welsh Outpouring as it has become known, and its detrimental effect on many people in various different ways, both locally in Cwmbran and further afield. Previously I have written that the theology of Richard Taylor and his team is unbiblical and that none of the so called healings which have taken place can be verified medically.



There are also concerns that the ex-prisoners under the care of Victory Outreach UK are under the influence of the cultish behaviour of the leaders of Victory Church. These ex-prisoners are obligated to attend the nightly meetings and are subjected to hours and hours of mind control techniques and false teaching. In Welsh Outpouring Concerns, I outlined the effect that the Welsh Outpouring at Victory Church was having on the local residents of Greenforge Way in Cwmbran and their struggle against repeated retrospective planning permissions, as well as traffic problems, noise issues, unsocial behaviour etc. It seems to me that no one’s rights are respected by the leadership of Victory Church in their quest to bring the Trojan horse of false Christianity to Wales and beyond.

In Welsh Outpouring Concerns, I wrote that I believed that Clllr Haynes had breached the Councillors code of conduct due to her close connections with Victory Church and her involvement representing local residents over planning permissions. Cllr Haynes objected to this and said she would take legal action unless I withdrew it. I have now withdrawn that accusation. However I do think that it is very odd that Cllr Haynes should represent local residents over planning permissions and also promote Unite@Victory on her Facebook page. Also it is indisputable that she has close relatives and Facebook friends attending Victory Church. Anyway the Cllr has liaised with her legal team at Torfaen Council and she assures me that this does not constitute a breach. This has surprised me as it does seem inconsistent that Cllr Haynes should represent one party and also promote regular meetings being held at the premises of the other! It certainly does not seem right to me.

One comment from a local resident is that Victory Church seem to be "above the law" in that they repeatedly apply for and are granted planning permission retrospectively. The Telegraph have recently published an article and short video entitled: “Planning Approval Tricks of the Trade” which makes interesting reading/watching (note the comment at the end made by Mrs Trellis): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9923195/CPREs-Neil-Sinden-Councillors-buying-and-sellling-planning-permissions-seriously-undermines-public-confidence-in-the-system.html

I have never stated that Cllr Haynes attends Victory Church personally, only that her mother, her sister and her Facebook friends Anita Barnard and Paul Haynes attend and that she promoted Unite@Victory on her Facebook page.

I was wrongly informed that Paul Haynes, the man who was supposedly “healed” was a relative of Cllr Haynes. Paul Haynes is no relation - this was a genuine mistake on my part and I have removed this. Incidentally, there is no medical evidence to support the “healing” of Paul Haynes.

Cllr Haynes insists that she is not personal friends with Paul Haynes or Anita Barnard; the reason they are on her Facebook page she says is that they are constituents living in her ward.

The above changes were made after the Cllr contacted me threatening me with the might of Torfaen Council's legal expertise which I am sure I am no match for. Otherwise the article remains much the same as it originally was. I am at a loss to understand how this constitutes "substantial lies".

Further Note

Cllr Haynes writes above concerning Change of Use To A Church :"The permission granted is for offices & storage and charity headquarters/weekly assembly meetings and use for restoration of furniture”. Here we have yet another anomaly. I have counted nine meetings a week in total being held at Victory Church. If Taylor has not been granted permission to hold "assembly meetings" more than weekly (i.e. once a week), then why are Torfaen Council allowing him to continue, especially in light of the residents complaints and the other concerns mentioned?

The outpouring is taking place Monday-Thursday & Saturdays at 7pm. http://www.victorychurch.co.uk/questions-answered

Sunday: Morning Service 11:00am Bible teaching & communion (Children’s Church)

Tuesday: 7:30pm Victory Young Adults for 17-30 yrs
Wednesday: 7pm Encounter Meeting – Prayer, worship, fellowship and teaching
Friday: 7:30pm Victory Youth for 11-16 yrs


Assembly: A group of persons gathered together, usually for a particular purposewhether religious, political, educational, or social.


Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. (1 Corinthians 13/6)



"Pastor Richard" as he likes to call himself, has announced that the "outpouring meetings" will shortly be reduced to two nights a week - Wednesday and Saturday evenings from next week. Victory Church will also be launching a Sunday evening service at the end of this month. Taylor previously stated: "We were told by God that if we showed up, then He would show up." Taylor's previous enthusiasm seems to have fizzled out and he does not want to "flog a dead horse"!

Taylor does not have planning permission to meet more than once a week so he is still operating outside of the law. Perhaps Cllr Haynes could point this out to him! I doubt that we know the real reasons for this change to two nights a week, but it can only be good news for the local residents and the rest of the world in general.


Saturday, 19 October 2013


A comment has been posted by a named person on a previous blog regarding the recent history of Bethania Chapel in Merthyr Tydfil. 

Bethania Chapel was bought in 1999 by Bethania fellowship with money provided by Woodlands Trust, a charity owned by Richard Sheppard. Bethania Fellowship carried out major repairs to the church, also building a new toilet block and baptismal pool, work which cost them tens of thousands of pounds. During this time they were repaying the money back to the charity. They were also paying the buildings insurance, a policy arranged by Mr.Sheppard for 'owners' of a building. About three years ago, Mr Sheppard said he wanted to sell the building and told the fellowship that the money they had been paying to the charity had been 'rent' not repayment, even though there had never been a rent agreement drawn up. Bethania fellowship had the building valued by two local estate agents and offered Mr Sheppard the valuation price . But he told the fellowship he wanted them to pay him at least double the price quoted by the estate agents, even though they had worked so hard on the building and put a lot of money into it. It became obvious that he didn't want Bethania fellowship to have the building, so they had to leave the church.”
Comment posted by Elizabeth Evans on the 17th of October 2013

It is a known fact that Bethania Chapel was in use from 1999 in contradiction to a false statement made by Victory Church that Bethania Chapel was disused for many years. “After so many years of disuse it was a blessing to see this building re-opened…….” http://www.victorychurch.co.uk/victory-church-2012-review

In an article written by local historian David Edward Pike, it is claimed that the chapel was bought in 1999 by Bethania Fellowship and that they reluctantly had to give up the building in March 2012.

The buildings insurance was a policy arranged by Richard Sheppard for "owners" of a building; the contradiction being that they were told that they had only been renting the building and were constrained to leave.

It is the responsibility of all true Christians and ministers of the Lord to be open and honest about everything they do, particularly when there are unanswered questions which throw doubt on the integrity of church leaders.

The original understanding between Bethania Fellowship and Richard Sheppard (who I am told is a "Christian" businessman) is a matter of much speculation and concern.  This subject does need to be clarified for the sake of all who are questioning the way in which Victory Church acquired the use of Bethania Chapel in March of 2012. 

For an overseer, as God's steward, must be above reproach.  (Titus 1/7)

For we aim at what is honourable not only in the Lord's sight but also in the sight of man. (2 Corinthains 8/21)

Please leave a comment if you have any further information about this matter.  


Sunday, 13 October 2013


And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. (Revelation 12/3)

Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain. And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he might not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be released for a little while.  (Revelation 20)

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’  (Matthew 7/21-23)


Prior to 1959 the Welsh flag was St David’s Cross.  The present Welsh flag was officially recognised by the Queen in 1959 after the Gorsedd of Bards (who are Druids) lobbied for the change, but not everyone is happy with the satanic symbolism of the red dragon.  

Prior to the Roman invasion, the druid priesthood was the undisputed power in Britain.  The ancient Druids engaged in divination and nature-based worship which inlvoed the sacrifice of animals and humans. Suppression of the Druids led to the rise of the “bardic school” .

Merle Severy, "The Celts," National Geographic (May 1977), pages 625-626, describes "the eve of Samhain... the start of the Celtic new year:

"According to the Dinshenchas, a medieval collection of "the lore of prominent places," firstborn children were sacrificed before a great idol to ensure fertility of cattle and crops. Samhain eve was a night of dread and danger. At this juncture of the old year and the new, our world and the otherworld opened up to each other. The dead returned, ghosts and demons were abroad, and the future could be seen.. . . Behind such Halloween games as bobbing for apples lie Celtic divination arts to discern who would marry, thrive, or die in the coming year. Behind the masks and mischief, the jack-o'lanterns and food offerings, lurk the fear of malevolent spirits and the rites to propitiate them."
"Tacitus tells us of the bloodstained Druid altars of Anglesey in Wales." (page 601)
Julius Caesar on Celtic Sacrifices
The whole nation of the Gauls is greatly devoted to ritual observances, and for that reason those who are smitten with the more grievous maladies and who are engaged in the perils of battle either sacrifice human victims or vow so to do, employing the druids as ministers for such sacrifices. They believe, in effect, that, unless for a man's life a man's life be paid, the majesty of the immortal gods may not be appeased; and in public, as in private life they observe an ordinance of sacrifices of the same kind. Others use figures of immense size whose limbs, woven out of twigs, they fill with living men and set on fire, and the men perish in a sheet of flame. They believe that the execution of those who have been caught in the act of theft or robbery or some crime is more pleasing to the immortal gods; but when the supply of such fails they resort to the execution even of the innocent.

"No other nation has had this red dragon as its ruling symbol. Wales has been under demonic oppression and under many curses because of this unwise choice. This symbol was only introduced in 1959 and is not the historic symbol of Wales. The gold cross on the black background goes back nearly two thousand years. This Christian cross of the great patron saint of Wales, St David, is the true spiritual heritage and owner of the soul of Wales." George Hargraves.  http://uk-christians.net/profiles/blogs/welsh-flag#.Ulp6j1A3u70

The Welsh Christian Party: "This is nothing less than the sign of Satan, the devil, Lucifer that ancient serpent who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/christian-group-wants-evil-welsh-2263878

Friday, 11 October 2013


Bethania Chapel in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil is a very special place where the ancient landmark was set by godly men. In 1823 Bethania was set apart for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the 1829 revival, the minister at Bethania was Samuel Evans, and after Evans death in 1833 John Hughes was the minister for thirty years.  Historically the overseers of Bethania Chapel had a reputation for helping many numbers of poor people.  I will not go into all the details here; the complete history can be found on the Web, in particular the article quoted below by local historian David Edward Pike is very informative.  

How disturbing to see that now the unrighteous have the use of Bethania Chapel in Dowlais after its lofty history.  The ancient boundary stone is of course a metaphor for the Word of God. God's teaching and commandments should never be crossed, and yet we find that many doctrinal boundaries set by the Lord of Hosts have been violated by Richard Taylor at Victory Church as outlined in previous posts by Rob Thomas and myself. 


In 2012 Victory Church secured the use of Bethania Chapel - the opening date was the 9th of September 2012.  The Victory Church website claims that prior to acquiring its use, Bethania Chapel was disused for many years.   “After so many years of disuse it was a blessing to see this building re-opened…….”   http://www.victorychurch.co.uk/victory-church-2012-review   This statement is totally false.  
The details are a little fuzzy, but what is known is that a group of Christians named Bethania Fellowship were holding meetings at the chapel six months prior to Victory Church.  In March 2012, Bethania Fellowship reluctantly gave up the chapel having done some costly renovations to the building.  What do we make of all this?  It would seem that Bethania Fellowship were intending to stay at the chapel as they had undertaken costly restorations.  Here is an excerpt from an article written by David Edward Pike:

The building was subsequently bought (?) in 1999 by a small independent Pentecostal group which called themselves Bethania Fellowship, and so began an encouraging process of spiritual renewal for the old, historic chapel. It was this small group who did a lot of costly work to restore the building, adding a baptistry and a small toilet block. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully in their meetings, and many were saved. The small original congregation grew to more than thirty in subsequent years, and many were baptised in the newly installed pool. Bethania Fellowship reluctantly had to give up the building in March 2012, and it was then bought (?) by Victory Church. http://daibach-welldigger.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/the-reviving-of-bethania-dowlais.html

I do question whether the building was actually “bought” by Bethania Fellowship as David Edward Pike has written, because if they did own it, why were they constrained to leave?  On the other hand, why would they make costly renovations to the chapel if there was doubt about their continued presence there?  After the demise of Bethania Fellowship, there was barely time to draw breath; Richard Taylor invited his congregation to view the “potential new venue” on the 17th of March 2012.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7dC648DOiU    Victory Church immediately started their own extensive renovation work, the VO residents providing much of the labour gratis, and the opening date was barely six months after Bethania Fellowship had left.  A very interesting fact is that Victory Church in Cwmbran and Bethania Chapel in Merthyr Tydfil are owned by one and the same person, Richard Sheppard who is a local businessman. How auspicious Taylor is in his connections; it is almost inexplicable. He rises above the law against the local residents of Greenforge Way with retrospective planning permissions and illegal congregations, all the voiced concerns about the vulnerable adults at Victory Outreach UK are ignored, no one looks into his finances, his congregation are enraptured despite all the contradictions, he does just exactly what he likes……one might almost say that he leads a charmed life, it is uncanny - but what will happen in the end (Jeremiah 5/31; Isaiah 47/7; Galatians 6/7)  Since Taylor likes to talk in riddles, I will give him one:


Naboth the Jezreelite owned a piece of land, a vineyard, which King Ahab greatly coveted.  He offered Naboth an even better vineyard or alternatively money.  It was Naboth's ancestral inheritance by right and it appears from the text that it was all that he possessed. To alienate a family inheritance was contrary to the Law of Moses (Leviticus 25/23) and so Naboth quite rightly protested that Ahab’s scheme was contrary to the Lord’s will. 

Naboth said to Ahab: "May Yahweh forbid me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers to you!"

Because he could not acquire the vineyard legitimately, Ahab was sullen and angry, but Jezebel his wife said: “I will give you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.”  The result was that Jezebel, acquired it for Ahab by treachery.  A crafty and cruel plot was put in place which resulted in Naboth's murder.  Ahab got his wish to own the vineyard at the cost of Naboth's blood.  The Bible tells us that Ahab sold himself to do evil in the sight of the LORD (v20).  The spirit of Jezebel lives on.

Do not move an ancient boundary stone
or encroach on the fields of the fatherless,
for their Defender is strong;
he will take up their case against you.
(Proverbs 23/10-11)

You shall not covet your neighbour's house. You shall not covet your neighbour's wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour."  (Exodus 20/17; Deuteronomy 5/21)

Do not plan evil against your neighbour, who dwells trustingly beside you. (Proverbs 3/29)

Jesus Christ: “The most important is, ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”   (Mark 12/29-31)

Woe to those who scheme iniquity, Who work out evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it,  For it is in the power of their hands. They covet fields and then seize them, And houses, and take them away. They rob a man and his house, A man and his inheritance. Therefore thus says the LORD, "Behold, I am planning against this family a calamity from which you cannot remove your necks; And you will not walk haughtily, For it will be an evil time. (Micah 2/1-3)

“And you (Elijah) shall say to him, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Have you killed and also taken possession?”’ And you shall say to him, ‘Thus says the LORD: “In the place where dogs licked up the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick your own blood.”’”   (1 Kings 21/19)

“Yesterday I saw the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons, declares the LORD, and I will surely make you pay for it on this plot of ground, declares the LORD.' Now then, pick him up and throw him on that plot, in accordance with the word of the LORD." (2 Kings 9/26)