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Saturday, 19 October 2013


A comment has been posted by a named person on a previous blog regarding the recent history of Bethania Chapel in Merthyr Tydfil. 

Bethania Chapel was bought in 1999 by Bethania fellowship with money provided by Woodlands Trust, a charity owned by Richard Sheppard. Bethania Fellowship carried out major repairs to the church, also building a new toilet block and baptismal pool, work which cost them tens of thousands of pounds. During this time they were repaying the money back to the charity. They were also paying the buildings insurance, a policy arranged by Mr.Sheppard for 'owners' of a building. About three years ago, Mr Sheppard said he wanted to sell the building and told the fellowship that the money they had been paying to the charity had been 'rent' not repayment, even though there had never been a rent agreement drawn up. Bethania fellowship had the building valued by two local estate agents and offered Mr Sheppard the valuation price . But he told the fellowship he wanted them to pay him at least double the price quoted by the estate agents, even though they had worked so hard on the building and put a lot of money into it. It became obvious that he didn't want Bethania fellowship to have the building, so they had to leave the church.”
Comment posted by Elizabeth Evans on the 17th of October 2013

It is a known fact that Bethania Chapel was in use from 1999 in contradiction to a false statement made by Victory Church that Bethania Chapel was disused for many years. “After so many years of disuse it was a blessing to see this building re-opened…….” http://www.victorychurch.co.uk/victory-church-2012-review

In an article written by local historian David Edward Pike, it is claimed that the chapel was bought in 1999 by Bethania Fellowship and that they reluctantly had to give up the building in March 2012.

The buildings insurance was a policy arranged by Richard Sheppard for "owners" of a building; the contradiction being that they were told that they had only been renting the building and were constrained to leave.

It is the responsibility of all true Christians and ministers of the Lord to be open and honest about everything they do, particularly when there are unanswered questions which throw doubt on the integrity of church leaders.

The original understanding between Bethania Fellowship and Richard Sheppard (who I am told is a "Christian" businessman) is a matter of much speculation and concern.  This subject does need to be clarified for the sake of all who are questioning the way in which Victory Church acquired the use of Bethania Chapel in March of 2012. 

For an overseer, as God's steward, must be above reproach.  (Titus 1/7)

For we aim at what is honourable not only in the Lord's sight but also in the sight of man. (2 Corinthains 8/21)

Please leave a comment if you have any further information about this matter.  



  1. Shocking facts about this situation They are leaving a trail of disaster and despair behind them. Its hard to see how much worse this whole scenario can get. Lets see if they respond and clarify what the exact details were surrounding this fiasco. If they say nothing, it will say everything about this, and we can all then assume that these facts are indeed, all correct.

  2. yes the bethania is a bad place it is run by a bar manager of a drinking club a south amerecan pastor who is posibly ok but his english is not good will be the fall guy if it goes wrong the main person who gives the orders is andrew parsons

  3. Hi Treena,

    I have had a look on the Charities Commission website for THE WOODLANDS TRUST. The guys behind the Bethania episode. The trustees are the Shepherds, ( and a Mr K. HART,) who just happens to have the same surname as Mr ROBERT HART, who is listed as TRUSTEE of VICTORY OUTREACH and some high fancy name on Victory Church WEBSITE. Could this be just a Coincidence??? You may wish to check out the objects of the Charity THE WOODLANDS TRUST. and the ACCOUNTS are quite interesting too. I am also going to do some checks at Companies House .

    Bye for now and God Bless

    Esther 777

    1. Thank you Esther I will look into it from my end also . God bless you.

  4. Hi Sister,
    The Woodlands Trust holds 42% shares in A Private Limited Company named Newport Furnishers and another Private Limited company 99 shares in W T Edgington Sandhurst Services. This is all public information and the Directors and Secretary are the Sheppards in each company. The Sandhurst Company objects are listed as Buying and selling of Real Estate and letting.
    One of the Objects of the Woodlands trust is listed as helping assist organisations who have drug problems. there are other objects etc.

    1. Sorry forgot to sign off forgive me.

      God bless
      Esther 777

  5. Newport Furnishers aka George Street Furnishers


  6. It seems Richard Taylor now seems to have been reinstated back as a Pastor and is in the New beginnings church in the old Bethania Chapel Dowlais.


  7. I had heard that he was at Bethania Chapel Anonymous.. I believe that Rob and I did everything we could at the time to expose the situation. Thank God the Welsh Outpouring did not materialise. This is enough proof that both Taylor and Parsons are false prophets. If anyone follows Taylor after his disgrace, then they really should know better. God bless.