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Thursday, 24 October 2019


Prasch: "..the angel of the Lord is the Metatron, and we know that's the Messiah, we know that's Jesus".

Whether fake Jew Jacob Prasch's problems as a serial liar are due to mental illness or demonic activity I cannot say. In any event, Prasch does need to be exposed as a very dangerous false teacher.. and now that this Metatron lie has surfaced, I hope and pray that his remaining followers will take heed at long last.

Prasch’s teaching in September on the Metatron was recorded at Community Church of Devore. How many Orthodox Jews need converting there? It is a stretch to say that this teaching was for evangelistic purposes.. it was delivered to a western non-Messianic congregation.

I can verify Frank Rogers' findings that the phrase "middle of the throne" is not found in the Old Testament book of Isaiah at all! Prasch's claim that this phrase is found in Isaiah 5:6 is completely false:
I will make it a waste;
it shall not be pruned or hoed,
and briers and thorns shall grow up;
I will also command the clouds

that they rain no rain upon it.
(Isaiah 5:6)

The context of Isaiah 5:1-7 is The Song of the Vineyard (cf. Luke 13:6-9).
Israel is the Lord's vineyard. 
Isaiah 5:2 refers to "the middle of the vineyard".  

" I built a watchtower in the MIDDLE.." = μέσῳ (mesō) (Isaiah 5:2)

Prasch accuses his critics of ignorance, and he claims that mesō (μέσῳ) is a synonym for meta (μετά).

The preposition μετά = with, among, after or beyond.. {1}  
The adjective/neuter noun μέσῳ = middle, in the midst (every occurrence). {2} 

Revelation 4:5 has neither μετά or μέσῳ, rather the Greek text says θρόνου ενωπιον = "before the throne."

From the throne came flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder, and before the throne were burning seven torches of fire, which are the seven spirits of God, (Revelation 4:5).

Revelation 4:6 refers to four living creatures in the middle (μέσῳ) of the throne:


The only verses in Revelation that refer to μέσῳ/μέσον τοῦ θρόνου in relation to Jesus Christ are Revelation 5:6 (μέσῳ) and Revelation 7:17 (μέσον). {3} The adjective μέσος, η, ον denotes location. Jesus Christ is literally located in the middle of the throne. The adjective μέσῳ is not a synonym for the preposition μετά.

And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. (Revelation 5:6).

Pulpit Commentary: "The repetition of 'in the midst' is a Hebraism (cf. Genesis 1:4, 6, 7, LXX.)." {4}


Wesley's Notes: "5:6 And I saw - First, Christ in or on the midst of the throne; secondly, the four living creatures making the inner circle round him; and, thirdly, the four and twenty elders making a larger circle round him and them.." {5} 

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The Appeal and danger of Moriel - Michael Rogers from Closingstages.net


  1. Hi Treena. JP is the heretic who just keeps on giving (out blasphemous heresy)!
    Prasch + Metatron = Megaheretic.
    I enjoyed your above query as to how many orthodox Jews would have been in the gathering where this teaching took place.
    Theresa of JESUS IS MY GOD on YT has put forth 3 new videos on this very topic. I have referred her and others to this blog and other websites which have been exposing this wolf for some time. Also alerted her to the evidence that Prasch is a counterfeit Jew. Some interesting comments have been posted by ex-Prasch devotees.
    Having come out from under the spell of false teachers (eg. Hagin, who was a channeler of spirits, like many of them), I believe people like Chavez are literally bewitched and will not see clearly until God opens their eyes. For this though, they must be willing, for strong delusions are sent to those who love falsehood. What perilous times we are living in! People seem to go from one deception into another. I pray frequently to be protected from the rampant deception in this age. My best, Mike

    1. Thank you for the information Mike. We all need to pray that we do not fall into the rampant deception taking place within many churches.

      ..and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. (Matthew 24:10.

    2. Treena,
      Mike often refers to Prasch as a "heretic" and I certainly believe he is correct, nevertheless, would you rather Prasch was described as an apostate, as you DID (relatively recently) highly regard him as a sound teacher of God's Word? (as I also once did!). An apostate, so I understand, is one who WAS grounded in God's Word, then deviated from it, whereas a heretic was NEVER in the Truth to begin with!
      Which is it, in your opinion?
      God bless.

    3. I could not say for certain, but I tend to question whether he was in the truth to begin with Colin. The lie about his Jewish ancestry started very early on in his "ministry". I believe it began when he was with 'Jews for Jesus' who funded him. He has basically built his whole "ministry" on a lie! I did highly regard him until 2016. This stopped when I began to question his "intra-seal" nonsense.
      God bless.

    4. I agree, his 'ministry' was built on a lie.
      So Prasch was never in the Truth to start with.
      Whatever one may think of the great Reformed Confessions of Faith, leave to one side. It can be clearly seen that the state Churches of England, Scotland, Wales etc; are today apostate, for they have deviated greatly from the Truth, as many non conformists have also.
      A Heretic was never in the Truth to start with.
      It would seem to me, at any rate, that apostasy tends to apply to churches plural rather than individuals, for God has an elect people.
      The WCF xxv teaches a visible and invisible church, the invisible being the elect, the visible, the elect and false professors alike.
      God bless.

  2. There is a very interesting video on YT put up by Frank Rogers entitled THE APPEAL AND DANGER OF MORIEL MINISTRIES. Compulsory viewing in my opinion! A number of people are now speaking out and warning others. Heartening. My best, Mike

  3. Thank you Mike.. I will add this link to the end of the post. I have expanded this post as I have been reading several commentaries on Revelation 5:6.. none of them agree with Prasch.
    God bless.

  4. Mike when Josh first took over for me I blocked him because of the immature name calling and stuff. So there was already a lot of Jacob in Josh. I save everything so these guys would be best advised to not pick a fight with me and my external 3 Terabyte hard drive. The thing Josh states he knows as facts in just the Moriel narrative. I have countless emails that would prove him wrong and prove that Moriel is not telling the truth. I do think Josh knows the word but he considers Jacob brilliant which he is not its just a faux set up from a guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things. Sandy is now in the same boat that Josh is. And the fact that Sandy refused to look at eveidence of the Jidas Kiss teaching as well as the David Nathan stuff goes against everything Sandy taught me over a decade ago. I know he is financially pressed hard. I know because I have been there with Moriel as well. Praying that God will take Sandy out of Moriel the way He took care of me-Blessings Tim

  5. I wanted to comment on the post from Moriel Alert here is Moriel Alert speaking 'yes by all means: study to show yourself approved. While Jacob did unintentionally say Isaiah 5:6 at around the 7 minute mark, he then proceeded to quote from Revelation 5:6. If you knew Scripture as well as you claim to, you should have immediately recognized this. Turning to the Greek text of Revelation, this is what we see:" My comment. Why didnt Josh check the scripture to see if what Jacob said was true? "Jacob unintentionally"? No Jacob mis quoted scripture and caused confusion. They should have just stated "Jacob by accident quoted a verse out of context. But see that drops the curtain Jacob is behind down and shows he can make mistakes. A simple apology can go a long way.Then Moriel Alert goes on to cut down the person who made the comment on what Jacob was teaching in error, per his own words. Here is the comment "your replies indicate to me that you (and all the others who have criticized Jacob on this matter) just don't understand at all. To reiterate what Jacob said in BOTH videos: it is possible to show Hasidic Jews from their own literature that Christian beliefs don't conflict with what Hasids already believe. The Jews for Jesus website (as well as other Messianic Jewish websites involved in evangelism to Hasids) also basically makes the same points that Jacob has. There are actually entire Messianic Jewish ministries which evangelize to Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews; ALL OF THEM use the texts of those streams of Judaism to prove that Christian beliefs aren't contradictory. As Jacob says in the beginning of this video: if you were evangelizing a Mormon, you'd have to know their texts. There is nothing different here." and "you wrote: "Jacob said "when you read chapter 4 and chapter 5, you keep seeing the throne of Jesus." He didn't at all mention Revelation or even say chapter 5 verse 6. He is lying. He is twisting language."
    You obviously haven't taken the time to listen to Jacob's words carefully. At about the 7:33 mark, he says, "when you read chapter 4 and chapter 5 you keep seeing ... Jesus is in the middle of the throne of the 24 elders. I will read from verse 6." He then reads from the Greek, which is EXACTLY what I provided in the screen shot above. He is reading Revelation 5:6. That is indisputable. His reference to the thrones of the 24 elders should have tipped you off. Stop trying to redirect this argument away from the fact that you missed the point.
    You also wrote: "I have never see one Messianic Jew defend this stance. Actually, they expose it."
    Again, you prove you don't know what you're talking about." end quote. Wow a simple edit or an apology for making a mistake would go a long way. Look at how people get demonized for daring to touch the anointed one and made to look stupid. But wait Jacob did quote Isaiah though and it was caught on tape. Opps. So glad I kept an external 3 Terabyte harddrive back up of my years with Moriel. I would debate these guys any day any place. But forget the Greek or Hebrew scholar. The only way I would accept is if Jacob, David Lister, Josh Chav, Marco Quintanna, John Haller all agree to take a polygraph and answer specific questions. Plus I would require Moriel to open their books to the public. I will be open to turning over all my email's and submit to a polygraph on the facts as well

    1. I don't think it was a mistake either Tim. I chose the right title: 'Smoke and mirrors'.
      God bless.

  6. Thank you Treena. As you know I have not been following JP's heresy much and appreciate the work that you, Mike, Pat, Tim and others have put into it. I will continue to hold you in prayer for these things and encourage others to seriously heed your words. Blessings to you. <3

    1. Thank you so much M'Kayla.. your prayers are very much valued.
      God bless xxx

  7. Hi Tim. I have been blessed by many things you have presented on YT over the years. I assume Sandy is Sandy Simpson. I also like his ministry. Hope he 'surgically removes' himself from Moriel. Is this challenging due to financial reasons? Sad that people have to "have things on people" in order to protect themselves from slander etc. Moriel sounds like the Mafia with JP as Brando. There's one for tbckawaii to utilize in a video in the future. Hi m'Kayla. Your blog was very helpful to me re coming out of the charismatic quicksand I was drowning in. My best to all of you. Thanks again Treena for your research and faithfulness to the Truth ie. Christ.

  8. Hi Mike! I am thankful the Lord is using me to help others. As we know there are many decievers out there, and their numbers climb every day. Thank you so much for the encouragment, and God bless!