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Sunday, 5 October 2014



PLEASE SIGN THE ABOVE PETITION  It is very important that the circumstances surrounding Adam Simmonds PCC for Northamtponshire dealings over Wootton Park School are investigated.

Simmonds is also Director of Trinity Life Church in Leicester and had two of my posts removed from Blogger earlier this year - an action which I believe was illegal. This matter is currently under investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Justin Brown:

"This is a copy of a press release I put out to all local newspaper editors and the BBC last Friday:
Retired Policeman calls for public inquiry into OPCC and Wootton Park School.
Retired Northants Policeman Justin Brown has called for a public inquiry in relation to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the creation of Wootton Park School.
The proposed School, set to replace the existing county Police headquarters at Wootton Hall received approval by the Department for Education earlier this week.
Mr Brown had earlier questioned the Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds regarding his suspected involvement with the trust behind the School at a Police and Crime panel meeting in March this year.
Mr Brown has also provided written evidence regarding the matter to the home affairs select committee which conducted a public inquiry into the progress of Police and crime commissioners nationally during the summer. His evidence was accepted by the inquiry chaired by Keith Vaz MP and published as part of the final report. As part of the conclusion by this committee Keith Vaz stated PCC's were 'on probation'.
Mr Brown said " I had referred my concerns initially to the independent police complaints commission, as I believe the PCC has abused the public trust, they declined to deal with the matter and the complaint was heard recently by the local Police and Crime scrutiny panel, who also decided the PCC had already satisfactorily answered my concerns at the meeting in March"
"Of course I contest the local decision as I believe the PCC has misled the public regarding both his own and his office involvement with the creation of both the trust and School. I remain very concerned and suspicious that the PCC arrived in office with a prepared agenda for the Police headquarters, I don't believe its sale or intended use is either to help create a more efficient Police service or is justified as part of a wider crime tackling plan."
"Ex colleagues and fellow Political party allies of the PCC feature heavily in this proposed School, both in the trust behind it and the actual School itself, freedom of information act requests show that staff from the OPCC have been personally involved in the direction of the School and that includes putting public money towards its creation"
Mr Brown has prepared a report containing his concerns for Keith Vaz MP in his capacity as chair of the home affairs select committee urging for a public inquiry to be held.
Mr Brown added:
" I believe that only a public inquiry can get to the truth of the matter, the people of our county, especially the officers, staff of Northants Police and the folk who actually live on the park itself need answers as to why so much effort and public expenditure has gone into the creation of the School by the PCC"
For further information please visit the link below:

Councillor Danielle Stone (Lab, Abington and Phippsville), Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Education at Northamptonshire County Council: “Free schools are supposed to be driven by parents, but this school is being driven by the Police and Crime Commissioner who is more interested in empire building than the needs of ordinary local people." http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/local/breaking-news-new-school-at-northampton-s-wootton-hall-police-headquarters-given-go-ahead-by-department-for-education-1-6329575

Simmonds plans for closer collaboration between police and fire services in Northamptonshire has received strong criticism by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for being undemocratic:
“The FBU is fundamentally opposed to police and crime commissioners taking over the governance of local fire and rescue services. PCCs have no democratic mandate to administer the fire and rescue service, nor the expertise or resources to improve our service.”

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