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Saturday, 1 August 2015


Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries describes David Carr, Senior Pastor of the Renewal Centre in Solihull as "the quintessential theological ignoramus of the UK". Carr was the mentor of the now disgraced adulterer Richard Taylor, the instigator of the fake 'Welsh Outpouring' in the UK. Vineyard "Pastor" Randy Clark is of course a well known false bible teacher who has relentlessly promoted the strange fire of Toronto for a number of years.

"Moriel picketed Randy Clark's fiasco in the Midlands of England when he attempted to introduce his deceptive bill of goods assisted by the colossal hype artistry of David Carr whom we regard as the quintessential theological ignoramus of the UK.
Some time later I authored and published a rebuttal to the pseudo scholarly nonsense propounded by Dr. Craig in his defence of the Toronto / Pensacola debacle as academically and factually hideous and devoid of any real scriptural or historical support. Craig's outlandish efforts to use the teaching of the unbelieving Neo Aristotelian rabbi Rambam ( Moses Maimonides) from the Middle Ages to theologically justify Todd Bentley's claims of angelic visitations by a female angel named 'Emma' were beyond any semblance of exegetically interpreted Christian dogma and in fact even beyond the proverbial 'pale'. Whether Craig's polemic aimed at the opponents of Todd Bentley was even the product of a rational mind, we are not sure. But we are sure with uttermost certainty that The ludicrous nature of his remarks appear to have bordered on theological lunacy and academically impalpable and an exhibition of scholarly charlatanism. It is not my goal to revile, but in contemplating Dr. Craig's apologia I could find no euphemism for its patently moronic content.
Craig is the product of the ministry of Jack Heyford who jumped to the defence of Oral Roberts' after Robert's claim that a 900 foot tall Jesus Christ was going to murder him if he did not come up with 6 million dollars required to save his now defunct medical facility by the end of the month. In the same article also defended the late Paul Crouch in the TBN scandals before the 425,000 dollars secrecy clause settlement about homosexual charges concerning Crouch were disclosed in three days of front page exposure by the Los Angeles Times.
The August of 1990 visit by John Wimber, Mike Bickel, and the Kansas City prophets in which the 'latter day rain' revival for England spreading to Germany was prophetically predicted for October if that year has witnessed only the construction of more mosques in England than churches with the result of the publicly proven false prophecies being a moral avalanche in Britain - not a revival, and with Kansas City prophet Paul Caine admitting to being a drunken homosexual and Bob Jones a womaniser. Since when has immorality been the hallmark of revival? Failed prophetic prediction that was time specific and made in God's Name however are according to God's Word in Deuteronomy 18 etc. the unmistakeable signatures of the false prophets whom Jesus warned would be increasingly dispensed from hell to mislead the elect prior to His return.
The Toronto fiasco was no revival either, and the ecumenical deception of the late John Wimber and the contra scriptural notion that The Holy Spirit led charismatic Catholics to remain in the Roman church and continue in the idolatry of transubstantiation, the necromancy of praying to the dead, and the false gospel of sacramental regeneration is ludicrous. Randy Clark is and consistently has been a deceiver with a lying spirit raised up by Satan as an apologist for counterfeit revival who acts in the devil's service. I state this as a firm believer in Spirit Baptism and charismata by both theology and experience myself. The Pensacola deception which ended in an ugly split and a public financial scandal and the adultery and family abandonment by the head to toe tattoo clad Todd Bentley (who is banned from Australia and Great Britain after kicking elderly ladies in the face) during and after the Lakeland pandemonium which Clark defends, further demonstrates that he is but a servant of the father of lies. Efforts to attribute Third world church growth in areas of Asia thousands of miles away from Toronto and Lakeland where the momentum of that growth preceded these false revivals in the West by Randy Clark are as absurd as they are dishonest.
I remain available to publicly debate either Dr. Craig or Randy Clark challenging their advocacy of these counterfeit moves of God on front of a video camera, and Moriel affirms the doctrinal and factual validity of the statements made in this regard by Andrew Strom, who is guilty of nothing. more than telling the honest truth and upholding The Word of God.
Contrary to Toronto, Lakeland etc., the Fruit if The Spirit is 'ekreitei' , that is 'Self Control', not the lack of it. Nothing matching authentic scriptural or historical patterns or definitions of revival emerged from these demonically infiltrated counterfeits . These bogus combinations of the carnal and demonic were predicated on deception, hypnotic induction, and false if not heretical doctrine all of which was merchandised by religious connivers, defended by religious liars , and believed only by the deluded proponents of a religious idiocy that was ignorantly and often hypocritically misrepresented as a genuine outpouring of God's Spirit in the character of early Methodism. A cursory reading of Daniel Roland's history of The a Great revival ( misquoted by Guy Chevreau) reveals that John Wesley labelled the 'holy laughter' not as holy but as 'devilish' - identifying it as a satanic attempt to thwart and contaminate anything truly of God.
Scripturally and historically revivals commenced with people weeping, but none with people laughing. Drunken hysterics, immorality, financial con artistry (now Todd Bentley claims visitation by an angel called 'international banker') are not 'ekreitei', and huge numbers saved as the result of what transpires in a revival never transpired in Toronto or Lakeland. Rather Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, Che An, and C. Peter Warner made televised false prophetic predictions concerning Todd Bentley who was at the time engaged in an adulterous relationship and a few days later left his handicapped Christian wife and three children to run off with his immoral woman whom he has since married in what God calls adultery and she is now making more crazed alleged 'prophecies' with him under the 'rehabilitation' of the proven false prophet Rick Joyner. This was the only true fruit of Lakeland before scandal saw that haunt if demons fold up and close down amidst the notorious history of the Strader family one of whom is in prison as a swindler for 30 years. No one in their right mind can call such moral debauchery a revival. But in his assault on Andrew Strom this is precisely what Randy Clark poses to do, this is sick.
My challenge to confront Randy Clark in open recorded debate stand and I thank The Lord for the brethren such as Andrew Strom and a few others like him who by the grace of Jesus saw through the erroneous nature of the deception in which they were once ensconced and in the case of Andrew , who has had the integrity to tell the honest, factual, and scriptural truth concerning it.
In Jesus,
James Jacob Prasch Moriel"


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