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Monday, 24 July 2017


The jury in the trial of Adam Simmonds, former Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was discharged last week. Simmonds is accused, as per section 55, of knowingly or recklessly breaching the Data Protection Act (DPA) by disclosing "sensitive" information to third parties. The jury at Southwark Crown Court failed to reach a verdict after more than 12 hours of deliberations. A retrial will now be considered according to the BBC. {1}

Simmonds denied recklessly breaching the DPA by passing on details of a fraud probe involving Wellingborough MP Peter Bone. Simmonds, of Northcote Road Leicester, admitted having conversations about the investigation with a number of Conservative colleagues, including Mr Ellis, Daventry MP Christopher Heaton-Harris, former Wellingborough Borough Council leader Paul Bell and the then Northampton Borough Council leader David Mackintosh. The case against Mr Bone was subsequently dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in March 2014. Simmonds claimed that he thought it was within his remit to repeat confidential details saying he believed that the information was in the public domain. {2}

As Simmonds held a position in a public office, the alleged offence can constitute to misconduct while in public office. If he is found guilty of both offences, it is likely that he will have to pay fines imposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). {3}

Simmonds period as PCC from 2012-2016 was one that many people in Northamptonshire remember as an extremely troubling time. Within just three weeks of his appointment, he was accused of "hiring friends" including his election campaign manager and "best friend" Kathryn Buckle. In particular, the complaints were that the jobs were supposed to be non-political and no interviews were held. Those appointed included four assistant commissioners, on a salary of £65,000. Response to a Freedom of Information request showed that Simmonds had 12 staff in his office at an annual cost of £729,100.

A year after his election, Simmonds office costs of £1m for 17 staff were unfavourably compared by the Police Federation with the former police authority spending of £865k, when cuts were being made elsewhere in the force. £21m is being cut over 4 years from an annual budget of £120m and the Police Federation claims police number have been cut from 1265 to 1220. In response, Simmond's office said the commissioner's role was wider than that of the old police authority. By 31 March 2014, the number of staff employed by Simmonds had risen to 34, at a cost of £1.4 million. {4}

Simmonds' plans to relocate the Northamptonshire Police headquarters at Wootton Hall and to convert the site to a free school was possibly the most controversial of his unholy schemes. These plans met with unprecedented criticism by both the Police Federation and the public. Simmonds claim to be independent of the Northampton Free School Trust blatantly contradicted various pieces of evidence to the contrary, giving the marked impression that he actually created the Trust:

".....incidentally Simmonds claimed to have created the 'Northampton Free School Trust' on his personal website consisted of ex colleagues, a fellow conservative MP and county councillor."

"Simmonds' personal website (now closed) contained the statement 'Early on in my first term I created the Northampton Free School Trust.'"

"An FOI request showed that Simmonds and members of his office were behind the school - conveniently the link was closed!"

Retired Policeman calls for public inquiry into OPCC and Wootton Park School:
".. I believe the PCC has misled the public regarding both his own and his office involvement with the creation of both the trust and School. I remain very concerned and suspicious that the PCC arrived in office with a prepared agenda for the Police headquarters, I don't believe its sale or intended use is either to help create a more efficient Police service or is justified as part of a wider crime tackling plan." {6}   

Stephen Mold, the current Northamptonshire PCC, is in the process of "rectifying" Simmonds questionable deal involving the sale of Wootton Hall. Mold announced in March that his Office is in advanced negotiations with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to revise the terms of the sale of part of Wootton Hall, in a move that would see the joint Northamptonshire Police and Fire Headquarters remain on the site.

Police and Commissioner for Northamptonshire, Stephen Mold:

“The issue around the sale of Northamptonshire Police’s current headquarters is one that I wish I hadn’t had to inherit on my first day of entering Office and I am sorry it is a process that has taken so much time and effort to rectify. However, entering negotiations with the Education Funding Agency is a significant milestone in remedying this complex issue once and for all..

“Since I was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner, it has been my job to make sure that this situation is resolved in a manner that secures the best possible outcome for citizens of the county, and I believe that any revised agreement with the EFA would represent a win-win solution for all involved."

Simon Edens, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police:

“The Police and Crime Commissioner has sought my views on our operational requirements and he has announced his intention to retain Wootton Hall, effectively reversing his predecessor’s decision to sell it. We would keep it as our headquarters.." {7}

Stephen Mold also put an abrupt end to Simmonds' interfaith programme, the controversial Northamptonshire Police Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI). {8}

Simmonds dubious activities were not limited to Northamptonshire. Open Hands Trust, the "compassion charity" of Trinity Life Church in Leicester, applied for, and were "lucky" enough to receive, a large lottery award of £446626 during Simmonds' position as Director and Trustee. Acceptance of this filthy lucre (1 Timothy 3:3) put TLC in a position of severe spiritual compromise due to their confessed faith in Jesus Christ and their stated fundamental biblical stance. (1 Timothy 6:10). I am pretty sure that Jesus Christ does not approve of gambling or profiting from gambling. In any event, TLC/Open Hands took their thirty pieces of silver. (Matthew 26:15). Open Hands have since gone from strength to strength with their "charity" ..or should I call it a business?

Following the publication of my posts concerning the spiritual demise of TLC and their "lucky" lottery award in 2014, Simmonds took the unprecedented action of removing two of my posts from Blogger. I believed this action to be illegal, but despite my considerable efforts to obtain information both from the Police Complaints Commission and Google, I was unable to resolve this issue satisfactorily. I subsequently republished these two posts unedited without a further problem. Mr Bone clearly has friends and influence in high places to have successfully taken on Simmonds where I failed!

Since their unholy lottery award, TLC have never disentangled themselves from the snare of the devil. (1 Timothy 3:7). In particular, they seem unable to kick the habit of parading the number of the beast. (Revelation 13:18). The infamous 666 is a number that sincere Christians would never wish to be associated with, but not TLC! It is quite a common occurrence to see 666 blatantly displayed at TLC's 6 Degrees Coffee House! {9} David Hind has attempted to explain the number six away to the more gullible members of his congregation as "the number of man". He is right. In whatever way six is mathematically represented, it signifies man's corruption and imperfection without God. When it is tripled, it is the number of the beast. One could no longer possibly call TLC a "church" ..it has been transformed into a family empire and a cult, thanks to the foolishness of David Hind and his cohorts. {10}

The entity called Adam Simmonds is clearly a man who is ahead of his time - he seems to have mishandled his unholy calling! (1 John 2:18). I wonder if he still likes making sermons!

 Coven or Coffee House? Jeremy Corbyn looks slightly bemused!

Hidden in plain sight!

UPDATE 28th July 2017
No retrial for ex-PCC over MP police probe. {11}

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Wynkin de Worde said...

Great article Adam Simmonds is fundamentally evil and only interested in self enrichment. It is incredible that he mislead the jury, he moves in strange circles and will be empowered with getting away with criminal act.

Treena Gisborn said...

There will not be a retrial W. Hopefully? Simmonds will not get another position where he can do the evil works of his spiritual "father".(John 8:44).
God bless.