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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many." (Matthew 7.13)

Leicester@theCross is being organised by the Anglican Church. It is being led by John McGinley Vicar of Holy Trinity Church and organised by Tim Stratford who is the Archdeacon of Leicester. This ecumenical event will replace Christ in the Centre on what is erroneously referred to as the date of Christ's crucifixion. Good Friday falls this year on the 18th of April.

Leicester@theCross is yet another instance of the ecumenical prostitution of the churches in Leicester. It is being supported by Knighton Evangelical Free Church, Trinity Life Church and no doubt others who claim to be “evangelical”. The organisers promise “a fresh approach......uniting traditions – new and old together in a clear act of witness."   A clear witness to what though? The organisers are not giving much away except to say that the events will be told through music, drama, and singing of Easter hymns.

The Anglicans teach that Pagans, witches, Muslims and Christians worship the same god! They are quite literally creating "a pagan church" to help them stay relevant to society. These teachings are the very antithesis of biblical Christianity. As such one wonders how the Anglicans can possibly represent Jesus Christ!

"Ministers are being trained to create new forms of Anglicanism suitable for people of alternative beliefs as part of a Church of England drive to retain congregation numbers."



While presenting itself as owning the very name of Christianity, ecumenism is a vile heresy which poses the gravest threat to Biblical Christianity. As the poison takes hold, the lie is perpetrated that spiritual unity is more important than truth – this is the spirit of Antichrist which seeks to supplant genuine faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father (John 14/6).

Ecumenism involves promoting unity between Christian denominations and churches previously separated by doctrine, history and practice. These initiatives are often referred to as interdenominational. Ecumenism is aimed at worldwide unity and a single church. This involves unity between orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics who are engaged in idolatry and who have a different gospel..... it involves syncretism and unity with those denominations who have compromised with doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4/1). Examples of this are liberal church views on interfaith, homosexuality, gay marriage, evolution, Chrislam and replacement theology (the belief that the church replaces national Israel) etc.

Ecumenism is also linked to interfaith or multifaith pluralism which promotes worldwide unity among religions through greater cooperation and improved understanding. They tell us that truth is relative rather than absolute and that we must embrace all beliefs as viable truth, but this is not what the Bible teaches. Are we pleasing men or God by giving validity to pagan religions whose beliefs are detestable to God and whose deities are referred to as demons in the Bible? What accord has Christ with Belial? (2 Corinthians 6/15)

.....what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God. I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. Shall we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he? (1 Corinthians 10/20-22)

For our appeal does not spring from error or impurity or any attempt to deceive, but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts. (1 Thessalonians 2/3-4)

The prophet Amos asks a very critical question: Can two walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 3/3) The answer to that question is a resounding NO! No matter what banner of “Christianity” we profess, if we do not agree with the Holy Scriptures which are the inerrant Word of God then we have no part of Jesus Christ. Ecumenism directly contradicts the command of scripture to be of one mind (Philippians 2/2). Ecumenism is to bring faith down to the lowest common denominator and by doing so it negates biblical truth. The apostolic teaching is to be of one mind and one body by believing, speaking, and doing all the things that have been handed down to us by Jesus Christ and the apostles. True unity in the spirit is to be united by biblical beliefs, being perfectly joined together of the same mind in accord with Christ Jesus (Romans 15/5). Not through any human agency: For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not being merely human? (1 Corinthians 3/4)

…..complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. (Philippians 2/2)

John 17 is quoted by those who seek to pursue the false oneness of ecumenism. However what John 17 says is that unity is conditional upon truth as given by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. (John 17/17)

For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough. (2 Corinthians 11/4)

Leviticus 26/14-39 says several times and in several different ways that if people walk contrary to God, then he will walk contrary to them:

“But if you will not listen to me and will not do all these commandments, if you spurn my statutes, and if your soul abhors my rules, so that you will not do all my commandments, but break my covenant, then I will do this to you: I will visit you with panic, with wasting disease and fever that consume the eyes and make the heart ache. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. I will set my face against you, and you shall be struck down before your enemies.................."  (Leviticus 26/14....)

"I once walked with you" (Le 26:12) as a Father and Husband (Isa 54:5; Jer 3:14); but now your way and Mine are utterly diverse; there can therefore be no fellowship between us such as there was (Am 3:2); I will walk with you only to "punish you"; as a "lion" walks with his "prey" (Am 3:4), as a bird-catcher with a bird [Tarnovius]. The prophets, and all servants of God, can have no fellowship with the ungodly (Ps 119:63; 2Co 6:16, 17; Eph 5:11; Jas 4:4)."

"Without concord there is no communion ….. sin puts enmity between God and man. regenerate and unregenerate persons cannot walk together, there being no concord, 2 Corinthians 6:14; they must agree in the way Christ, and in the fundamental principles of religion; and in worship, and the manner of it; and in all the ordinances of the Gospel, and the manner of administering them."

For I have given them the words that you gave me, and they have received them and have come to know in truth that I came from you; and they have believed that you sent me. (John 17/8)

And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. (John 17/3)

Your word is a lamp to my feet. (Psalm 119/105)

Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. (2 John 1/9)

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 23/1)

"Apostasy is spreading throughout Christian churches that were once staunchly fundamental. These apostate churches are suppressing the gospel that they once declared faithfully and openly. Caryl Matrisciana details how pastors are intentionally deceiving their congregations and leading them into eternal error."


Andy T said...

Beautifully written again Treena. I know you have a passion for the church and for it to stand strong and unwavering. We should be encouraged that Jesus said "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!". Despite all its'errors and fumblings I have a great hope to see the church restored and beautiful awaiting a returning Saviour. Nice article, though it does raise questions about how the church in Leicester should do things together?

I would argue that the vast majority of participants in the easter event just want to show the city that Jesus is Lord and that God raise Him from the dead. Putting aside denominational differences to worship a risen Saviour is no bad thing. And I doubt the next plan is to suddenly go down the road to 'hail a few marys' or join in a call to prayer with the muslims. However I agree that dodgy teachings and cultic experiences dominate in many of our city churches, especially the so called charismatic ones. The church seems to need a new generation of pastors,teachers and reformers inside ready to nail again a biblical gospel to the frames of our church doors!

Incidently I was saved, water baptised (immersed fully), filled with the Holy Spirit, taught scripture, encouraged in faith and sent overseas in mission by St Giles and St Stephens C of E churches who believed in the authority of the Bible despite their more conservative approach to things. So it hasn't been all that bad, just seems this generation of leaders are either very liberal, gay, ecumenical or off on some OTT charismania experience.

Blessings, Andy T

Treena Gisborn said...

Hi Andy Thank you again for your input. I differ with you on some points -I believe that we are in the end times "falling away" of 2 Thessalonians 2/3. As such I do not believe that there will be a recovery, but things will continue to deteriorate until the judgement of God falls on "Babylon the great, mother of prostitutes and of earth’s abominations.” (Revelation 14/8;17/5 etc.) What concerns me is that many "foolish virgins" (Mt 25/2) will be deceived in these end times and will be condemned along with the false shepherds and wolves. I intend to write more about the dangers of ecumenism God willing in the future. God bless you.

Andy T said...

yes Treena, I understand what you say, paradoxical that there will be a great falling away yet at the same time Jesus is building His church and preparing a bride for His return. So many will be standing saying "Lord we did this and that for you", but I would really dread the Lord saying, "go away Andy, I never knew you!" One contention I had with some leaders is that they believe they are part of the wise five virgins because they have all these so-called 'spirit' manifestations as a witness that their lamps are full of oil. Oh for the Spirit of Discernment!! Blessings, look forward to your articles. Incidently any news on the blog removal by TLC?

Andy T

Treena Gisborn said...

".....evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." 2 Timothy 3/13. It is unbelievable how these leaders do things contrary to the word of God and seek to justify it. Signs are no proof of anything - Satan performs lying signs as we know Andy (2 Thes 2/9). My complaint against Adam Simmonds is in the pipeline. I have also sent an FOIA request to Northamptonshire Police. Whatever the outcome I shall publish a post on it in due course. God bless you and thank you for you input.