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Friday, 12 May 2017


     Dallas, Texas is called the Big D. And Dallas Theological Seminary, deep in the heart of Big D, is the No. 1 school promoting another Big D.
     I refer to "Dispensationalism" which, like a pearl shell, has long built up layers of supposed "proof" in order to protect its inner secret: the little money-making pearl known as the pretribulation rapture, a 19th century theological novelty that was based originally on only OT and NT types and symbols and NOT on a single Bible verse!
     For many years Dr. John Walvoord was DTS president and was viewed as the world's No. 1 pretrib rapture authority. Astonishingly, the first (1957) printing of Walvoord's "The Rapture Question" admitted on p. 148: "The fact is that neither posttribulationism nor pretribulationism is an explicit teaching of Scripture."
     (Walvoord, of course, could easily apply "explicit" in this manner to the historic posttrib view. The real shock was seeing him applying it to his own pretrib view!)
     Dr. George Ladd of Fuller Seminary was the first one to alert me about this. In the same 1971 letter to me, Ladd added that in later printings of Walvoord's book the above devastating admission no longer appears for obvious reasons!
     In two of his books ("The Blessed Hope and the Tribulation," 1976, and "The Rapture Question, Revised," 1979), Walvoord discussed my extensive research on pretrib rapture history. Many are still unaware that Walvoord, when opposing my findings, leaned not for support on any of his own DTS profs including church history experts but instead leaned almost exclusively on a militant member of the Plymouth Brethren named R. A. Huebner who at that time was a retired electrical engineer who had admitted that he had never attended college, seminary, or even a Bible school! (My research, BTW, has uncovered serious copying errors in Huebner's works - 95 of them in his 1973 booklet "The Truth of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Recovered" and 257 in his 1991 book "Precious Truths Revived and Defended Through J. N. Darby" including words carelessly added or subtracted when quoting others!)
     Walvoord's "The Rapture Question" also declares on p. 127: "Posttribulationism has long been a common doctrine held by the majority of the church." (Interestingly, even though pretrib teachers are aware of this true statement, they either pretend it doesn't exist or give the impression that anyone holding to a non-pretrib view is someone akin to a heretic!)
     Bible teachers who've either taught, spoken, or studied at Dallas Seminary include the following: Tony Evans, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Ed Hindson, Mark Hitchcock, Thomas Ice, H. A. Ironside, Robert Jeffress, David Jeremiah, Hal Lindsey, Erwin Lutzer, J. Vernon McGee, Dwight Pentecost, Randall Price, Ron Rhodes, Charles Ryrie, Charles Stanley, Joseph Stowell, Chuck Swindoll, Merrill Unger, and Andy Woods.
     My greatest shocks have been when discovering massive plagiarism among some of the scholars tied to Dallas Seminary. My book "The Rapture Plot" has an appendix covering such thievery even in the writings of men like Charles Ryrie and Paul Lee Tan.
      And my later book "The Three R's" shows, with side-by-side lines, that famed DTS prof Dr. Merrill Unger, holder of more than one doctorate, quietly plagiarized some of Hal Lindsey's books! He pilfered lines on 67 pages in Hal's "The Late Great Planet Earth" and also lifted lines on 36 pages in Hal's "There's A New World Coming."
     Much more evidence of such dispensational dishonesty is found in my "Plot" book. Readers can also Google "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" and "Walvoord's Posttrib Varieties - Plus."
     Remember: DTS stands for Dallas Theological Seminary." It can also stand for "Distorting the Scripture"!


colin said...

Dispensationalism is a MOST damnable doctrine; full of so many holes, that any unbiased student of God's word will easily discern its lies. Its crowning 'glory' is the unbiblical doctrine of a fairy-tale rapture that is NOWHERE taught in God's word.

Dallas 'Theological' Seminary truly has been instrumental in deceiving the masses.

"Distorting The Scripture"? This indeed answers to DTS!

As ever, it is very important to know that not every teaching that came out of DTS is a lie, far be it from me to say so! Did not even Satan quote scripture?

Let us consider these things.

God bless.

Irv said...

Amen, Colin. You have hit the nail on the you-know-what. Speaking of the rapture, I'm tempted to refer to the Dallasy fallacy which is a huge feature at Dallas The-Illogical Seminary!

colin said...

One of the names mentioned by Dave MacPherson, Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries), I don't believe ever studied at DTS, he may well have taught there, but certainly he is a Dispensationalist. DTS is the foremost establishment in the USA for pre-trib theology, but no doubt a great many other seminaries have also been led astray by Darby, Scofield and co.

Dispensational theology has really wreaked havoc in the area of law and grace, teaching two ways of salvation, effectively another gospel, another deliverance-BEFORE the time!

This errant theology has enabled Dr Stanley to teach the following so-called "free-grace" doctrine (whatever else did?):

God's love for His people is of such magnitude that even those who walk away from the faith have not the slightest chance of slipping from His hand...[We] are not saved because we have an enduring faith. We are saved because at a moment in time we expressed faith in our enduring Lord.

He goes on:

Even if a believer for all practical purposes becomes an unbeliever, his salvation is not in jeopardy; believers who lose or abandon their faith will retain their salvation, for God remains faithful.

Eternal Security: Can you Be Sure? Nashville Nelson 1991, pages 74,80, 93,94.

My mind boggles! and he isn't the worst teacher...I CAN assure you!!!

God bless.