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Sunday, 2 September 2018


Beware of Moriel Ministries Scottish Conference at Gartmore House from Friday-Sunday, 2-4th of November 2018. The speakers are Jacob Prasch and ecumenist David Noakes. {1} Noakes is endorsed by Prasch as a valid prophetic voice! {2}

David Noakes is involved with the ecumenical pro-Israel monastic order, the Sisterhood of Mary! There is very little specific information about the Sisterhood's precise beliefs on their website. However, Wikipedia gives the following information: "The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary is an ecumenical, Lutheran based, religious order." {3} The ecumenical movement is the enemy of Jesus Christ! Israel does not need ecumenism, it needs the true gospel!

The Sisterhood was founded by two German women, Klara Schlink and Erika Madauss, aka Mother Basilea and Mother Martyria in 1947:

"..the Evangelical Sisters of Mary continued the trend of expanded women’s involvement in the German churches, the sisterhood did not defer to the leadership of any ecclesial body, male or otherwise. The group set a further precedent by pursuing a contemplative life, rather than an active life of social service in the community, as many had expected them to do. Like many groups after World War II, the sisters embodied a greater openness to alternate forms of Christian practice. Rejecting nearly five centuries of Protestant prejudice against monasticism, the Sisters embraced poverty, celibacy, and communal, cloistered life. {4} 

David Noakes with the Sisterhood of Mary in 2016

David Noakes ministers through the Issachar Ministries Trust. He has been heavily involved with his ecumenical friend Clifford Hill and Issachar Ministries for many years. Issachar Ministries, Prophetic Word Ministries (PWM), CandM Ministries, the Centre for Contemporary Ministry (CMM) and Harvest Vision are quite a complex web of inter-connected organisations based at Moggerhanger Hall in Bedfordshire which is ecumenical. Noakes is also an advisor to Issachar Ministries which previously operated under the umbrella of PWM, and he was a director of Harvest Vision (also ecumenical) until 30th November 2000. {5} Miguel Hayworth of UK Apologetics Library has exposed the ecumenical connections of Hill and Noakes in detail. He warns: "..we need to bring this to light put into question the ministry of Clifford Hill and David Noakes and not accept at face value of CCM, ISSACHAR Ministries, Moggerhanger House, etc." {6} Another of Clifford Hill's "friends" is former Archbishop and Druid, Rowan Williams.

Clifford and Monica Hill with former Archbishop and Druid Rowan Williams

Clifford Hill founded and edited the so called "Christian magazine", Prophecy Today in 1985. He is currently PT's Editor in Chief. In common with Noakes, Hill claims to be "..one of the most respected, influential prophetic voices in the UK." {7}  

Clifford Hill - Calling Herts - Intercessors Meeting with the Sisterhood of Mary.

David Noakes is well known in certain circles for his first person prophecies. This is very disconcerting for those of us who have come out of charismania! Jacob Prasch does not indulge himself in first person prophecies as far as I am aware. Nevertheless, he does make various authoritative statements that completely lack scriptural basis and context. Prasch's intra-seal rapture theory is a prime example of his blatant eisegesis. His teaching that the Holy Spirit is the "restrainer" of 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 is purely speculative. Furthermore, his unequivocal assertion that the Holy Spirit is absent during the 70th week of Daniel and his further assertion there is no conviction of sin during this seven year period is unconscionable! The list of errors contained within intra-seal is nothing less than spectacular as demonstrated in my publication and my previous posts on the subject. {8} Since Prasch insists that his intra-seal teachings are scriptural, this puts him on a par with these dubious first person "prophets" Noakes and Hill!

David Noakes is also connected to the ecumenical Maranatha Community through its co-leader Linda Stalley. The Maranatha Community was founded in 1981 by a Methodist lay preacher and RC priest for the express purposes of UNITY! {8}

Jacob Prasch recently re-published the following shocking article by Jackie Alnor endorsing Freemason Billy Graham. {9} Moriel have now removed their link to this article:
"So in spite of our 20-20 hindsight in believing Billy Graham made the wrong call for the purity of the Church of Jesus Christ, he still deserves the honor of going down in history as the greatest evangelist of all time. That cannot be taken from him. Rest in eternal peace, Billy!!" https://www.moriel.org/articles-and-news/7029-the-legacy-of-billy-graham.html

Prasch's insistence that his former friend Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, was not ecumenical is complete nonsense. Smith was provably ecumenical as I have demonstrated in a previous post. {10}

The above information should be a huge red flag for true believers in Jesus Christ who follow the teachings of Jacob Prasch. Unless these believers are prepared to test the spirits, they are likely to become ensnared by Prasch and his ecumenical associates. (1 John 4:4).

Below is what I believe to be the last "prophetic word" given by David Noakes. It is probably about time for him to bring another first person prophecy.. who knows, maybe it will happen at the Moriel Conference in Scotland! I strongly advise believers to avoid Noakes and the Moriel Conference altogether! I now repeat my previous question that no one at Moriel is prepared to answer: Can a true prophet of God be ecumenical?

David Noakes Prophetic Word East Grinstead 17the June 2017

"Beloved, you are living in momentous days. These are truly the days of a turning point in the affairs of your nation. It is a time of my appointing. I have allowed you to go your own way but I have never let go of you.

It must be very "humbling" to imagine oneself a prophet to a nation and to speak for God in the first person!

There are many voices in your midst which are full of pessimism and I understand that if you look upon your circumstances, pessimism is often the outcome. But I want you to perceive as I perceive.

The prophet Jeremiah was the ultimate pessimist wasn't he?

Beloved, when there is turmoil and upheaval, do not look upon it with dismay; do not look upon it with foreboding; do not look upon it with fear. But look upon it with eyes turned to me with a questioning heart: a heart questioning what your God is doing in the midst of it. For beloved, all these things taking place are under my hand. I have brought about a remarkable work in your nation in recent times. This is not accidental, nor is it sudden, but has come about at my appointed time.

I do not have accidents; I do not have coincidences; I do not have sudden unexpected events. I have appointed events, at appointed times, and I am the one who is seated in the heavens and does whatever He pleases. Do not lose heart, because I am in charge. My hand is on your nation and I have not given up my purposes for you.

I have blessed your nation in the past and truly you have been faithless but beloved, I have remained faithful. Your enemy has done much to sow lies, to sow false doctrine, to try to bring down all that is good and all that is of God. But I have kept for myself a remnant. My Word remains true for all time and all eternity and I will fulfil my purposes.

This is a time of turmoil and upheaval because your adversary is in great rage and great fear. He is in great consternation that I will use your nation to tear his purposes apart. But that is exactly what I intend to do. I intend to bring his purposes crashing down. There will be turmoil and upheaval; there will be blood in the streets; there will be anxiety amongst those who do not know that God is in charge and do not understand what I am doing.

Beloved, there cannot be victory in war without war taking place, and war is indeed taking place, because I have joined battle. I have joined battle against the forces of darkness which desire to bring your nation to nothing and I have declared I will not have it so. My purposes for you are from all eternity. I have known exactly what I will do at this time. I have known exactly what I will do in the future and I purpose to glorify my name through your nation once again.

There is not one denomination in the UK that is not tainted with ecumenism. The scriptures say specifically that there will be a falling away, and that things will get progressively worse as the end approaches, not better. (2 Thessalonians 2:3; Matthew 24). God called Israel for His glory. (Isaiah 49:3; Jeremiah 13:11). I have not seen these words applied to another nation specifically. 

Therefore do not be disheartened. Do you think of yourself as being just a little flock? Truly there is only a small remnant who hold fast to My word. But beloved, continue to hold fast to my word and pray that the purposes that I have begun to reveal will come to fruition and fulfilment, and I will visit you afresh with my Spirit.

I will visit you afresh with my Spirit that you may be empowered: Not for your glory, but for Mine. Not to build empires but to build my Church. I desire also to visit you with my Spirit that you may be instruments in my hand to go into the fields which are ripe for harvest, and bring in a harvest; for there is a harvest waiting to be brought in.

There are many in fear and trepidation and utter confusion, and I want you to be a people who know their God and do exploits. I want you to be a people of compassion; not of judgement; not of condemnation. Judgement is mine, I will repay. But I ask you to be a people of love and concern; of compassion for the lost, and of deep desire that the truth should be brought to many who will understand it and be saved. For surely there are those whom you think are your enemies, who are longing for truth.

Prophecies about a fresh move of the Spirit and revival are usually typical of false prophets within the charismatic movement. A fresh move of the Spirit cannot come about via ecumenism!

Do not be down-hearted, therefore. Do not be dispirited. Yes, I know all too well that you are surrounded by those who wish you ill. Beloved, do not heed them but look to your God who wishes you well. Look to your God who wishes them well. I desire a people who are willing to bless their enemies and to do good to those who speak evil about them.

As you do this they will see your light. Many will reject, but many will see the light in the darkness and will desire the only light they can see. For all their plans and schemes will have fallen to the ground and then they will turn to the only truth.

Do not give up therefore. Hold fast. Hold fast to Me. Hold fast to My Word. Hold fast in love and unity, to one another. Be loyal and faithful to each other. Forgive each other all offences and stand together, that as one you may show the character of your Lord and Saviour. Beloved, understand that I have not given up, and I say to you: do not give up either, but look to Me and hope in Me that I will do what I have planned."

Interestingly, Moriel indulged Noakes as early as 1997, and again in 2015:



  1. It’s all very worrying. I recall Noakes’ prophecy and didn’t think much of it at the time. It sounds too much like the stuff that’s published on the Elijah list site. Even more concerning is when we see we’ll respected teachers engage in ecumenism. It’s easy to spot Kenneth Copeland and his ilk and avoid them but Prasch is still highly regarded by men and women I consider sound. This makes him far more dangerous. I hope God corrects him as I trust he corrects me.

  2. There are developments between Prasch/Moriel and David Nathan Monopode. Christians have put too much trust in Prasch and there is damage and confusion to the body of Christ. I thought something like this would eventually happen! Prasch is a destructive character!!! Read some of the comments on FB. God bless.

  3. I’ve read Prasch’s comments about Noakes. Nice to see a more reasonable tone from Prasch instead of his usual railing. Noakes is an odd character by this account. He has strange ideas about the millennium I have to say. I find it even harder to believe that God would trust a false teacher with a prophecy to an entire nation. Why do it? Why state something is from God if you can’t prove it from scripture? I’m glad Moriel has separated from this man.

  4. You are referring to David Nathan, not Noakes Monopode. Prasch has just fired him.. he used to be the Administrator for Moriel South Africa. God bless.

  5. Yes I was referring to Nathan. I’m terrible remembering names.

  6. A very interesting discussion on Bill Randle's blog:

  7. Treena, I understand your concerns, and it may be Prasch and none of the ecumenical men/woman mentioned will be found in heaven. It is only fair to ask though, how the NT upholds you as a woman teaching and warning men, since no male covering is mentioned here or on your website?
    I see you wear a head covering - does that depict a sign of obedience under to a male leader - eg, as a wife, daughter, or even a single woman under a church elder? a Priscilla under an Aquilla?

    The man's name should be public, (eg) as Philip was shown/named as the father & head of the prophesying virgin daughters in Acts. It is a fact, as Paul pointed out that it was Eve that was first deceived and why teachers/leaders of men should be male; all the Bible's books were written through men, of course. (unlikely my comment will be printed...?!)

  8. Hi Anonymous. I am not married actually and I do not come under the "authority" of any man apart from Jesus Christ. I do not presume to teach men, but rather to inform and to use my spiritual gifts in the way I feel called to do. It is a sun hat - not a head covering. It sounds like you have come straight out of the "shepherding movement" or some other cultish organisation. I do believe I am perfectly free scripturally to express my concerns - although there are many false teachers who would love to shut me up. You would not be the first one to try. https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2016/07/jacob-prasch-moriel-ministries-gagging.html


    We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ..... (2 Corinthians 10:5)

    As before, I shall quote Jacob Prasch verbatim in order to avoid any accusation of quoting him out of context.

    Jacob Prasch: "Did God use Deborah to bring victory to Israel? Yes, He did. But her head was covered by Barak....." https://www.moriel.org/component/k2/item/1822-daughters-of-zion.html

    "Hebrews 11:32 names four judges, it does not name Deborah. The judge that was named in the New Testament was Barak." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHAiwIE5EVI

    "Women must have their head covered.... Can God use women without their head covered? No - things are going to go wrong. The serpent beguiled the woman and the serpent still beguiles the woman." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6x2hhAzEI

    Things are not quite so clear cut as Jacob Prasch would have us believe. An unbalanced and distorted view of the scriptures is always very dangerous as I am sure he well knows. Pat Roberts aptly points out: "Too many heads, too many coverings, the murky teachings of Jacob Prasch." {1}

    Was Deborah's head "covered" by Barak?

    The Canaanites were defeated under the prophetic leadership of Deborah and the military leadership of Barak.. but make no mistake about it, Deborah was calling the shots. Deborah summoned Barak, the son of Abinoam, from his home at Kedesh in Naphtali, and ordered him, in the name of Yahweh, to take ten thousand men to Mount Tabor. He agreed, on condition that Deborah accompanied him (Judges 4:4-10).

    Deborah was judging Israel in her own right without any reference to a man.. the people of Israel came up to her for judgement (Judges 4:4-5). Barak was the next judge of Israel AFTER Deborah and he preceded Gideon. The scriptures make very clear that Barak would not get the honour for the victory over the Canaanites led by Sisera: .....the honor will not be yours, for the LORD will deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman." (Judges 4:9). In fact the honour did not go to Deborah either, it went to Jael (Judges 5:24).

    A few examples of judges, prophets and kings are given in Hebrews 11:32, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets— but we should not read more into this than we ought to. It is true that Barak achieved the military victory over the Canaanites, but this was before he actually became judge, and it was under the prophetic ministry of Deborah. However unpalatable JP finds it, Deborah was acting directly under God without a human male "covering". Technically of course Deborah's "head" should have been her husband and not Barak. It is very interesting that Deborah's role as "a prophetess" takes priority over her role as a wife!

    Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel at that time. (Judges 4:4)

    Deborah may have been an exception to the rule, but nevertheless, there she is, as large as life acting without a male "covering". How very inconvenient!

    Examples of "prophetess" as an identifier ahead of familial connections:

    Isaiah referred to his wife as "the prophetess": And I went to the prophetess, and she conceived and bore a son. Then the LORD said to me, “Call his name Maher-shalal-hash-baz; (Isaiah 8:3)

    Read more on the following link: https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2016/07/jacob-prasch-moriel-ministries-gagging.html

  10. Don't think my comment got through. David Noakes who is connected to Clifford Hill and therefore to Issachar Ministries is also connected through Lynda Stalley to Maranatha Ministries which was formed in 1981 by a Methodist lay preacher and RC priest for the express purposes of UNITY!

  11. Thank you -- it gets more and more interesting down this particular rabbit hole Anonymous. I will add it to the main body of the post. God bless you.

  12. Its also Interesting Jacob Prasch also promotes pastor Jack Hibbs Calvary Chapel

    Jack brings in Word Of Faith teacher/speaker David Barton - Oral Roberts University Graduate and is great friends with Kenneth Copeland

    Jack also had Jerry Boykin - Knights of Malta into his church to speak on March 2-4 2012

    Both Jerry and David appear as speaker guests on Kenneth Copelands BVOV T.V. broadcast

  13. I was very disappointed in Jack Hibbs when he decided to stand with the pre-trib deceivers Ben, but I didn't know anything about this! It seems like they are all being exposed recently. God bless.

  14. Heads are popping up out of the rabbit holes all over the place

    The video's of this are online.

  15. Treena your hate for Jacob is an amazing thing to behold, you even attack anyone in ministry associated with him. This whole article starts with your comment "David Noakes is involved with the ecumenical pro-Israel monastic order, the Sisterhood of Mary! There is very little specific information about the Sisterhood's precise beliefs on their website. However, Wikpedia gives the following information: "The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary is an ecumenical, Lutheran based, religious order." {3} The ecumenical movement is the enemy of Jesus Christ! Israel does not need ecumenism, it needs the true gospel!" THERE IS VERY LITTLE SPECIFIC INFORMATION, so you keep writing nonsense anyway and quote from the encyclopedia of make it up as you go along Wikipedia, how reliable nd trustworthy is that to base a report or argument. 1 out of 10 must try harder next term.

  16. Wikipedia was the only source I could find Amos. I believe that it is a correct evaluation of the "Sisters".
    I have not stooped so low as to pull a stunt like John Cambridge!
    Please do not comment here again Amos Farrell - anything you write will not be published.

  17. Further Evidence that the Sisterhood of Mary are ecumenical:

    God is Always Greater (Ecumenical Sisterhood of Mary Darmstadt, 2)
    Schlink, Mother Basilea

    Book Review by IAGS: Mothering the Fatherland: A Protestant Sisterhood Repents for the Holocaust
    "The immediate impetus for the formation of the Ecumenical Sisters of Mary, as the group was called.."

    Basilea Schlink was a sister of Professor Edmund Schlink (3 March 1903 – 20 May 1984) who was a leading German Lutheran theologian in the modern ecumenical movement, especially in the World Council of Churches.

    "Schlink (1903-1984) published an ecumenical systematic theology (Őkumenische Dogmatik, Schlink 1983a) shortly before his death, which remains probably the only work of its kind until today.. In the book, forewords by the Roman Catholic Heinrich Fries and the Orthodox Nikos Nissiotis also welcome and praise the book in glowing terms." http://www.scielo.org.za/pdf/vee/v29n2/09.pdf

  18. I don't know who the restrainer is, the holy ghost or the church but I do know that in revelation start at chapter 7:9-17 that was saved during the GREAT tribulation.A great multitude no man could number.also it says that they washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb they could not have saved themselves folks

    1. Unknown, the “restrainer” is the antichrist. If you use a Westcott & Hort translation, it will be impossible to understand this fact. Read 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 in a KJV to understand.