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Saturday, 16 November 2019


Jacob Prasch: "One of the most vicious Jezebels with a Jezebel Spirit I have ever encountered in my life is in Fife Scotland.. What would you say of a woman who promotes somebody who says 'God the Father is not the creator..' that 'the gospel is not eternal..' and defends and promotes the priests of Baal.. 'you can pray into a jacket or a tie or a piece of cloth and knock people over with it..' and then when she is opposed she goes on the warpath (??). That's a Jezebel. She is a vicious, vicious woman, she is demonised.." (1:33-1:36).

These accusations against Deborah Menelaws are very serious! Indeed Prasch's habit of slandering women is not limited to Deborah Menelaws. The "Jezebel" slur is one of his favourite accusations against any woman who stands against him.

Why does Prasch continue to rake up issues that David Nathan publicly repented of some time ago? (Acts 3:19; Colossians 2:14; Isaiah 43:25).

As far as I am concerned David Nathan's name is cleared on all counts, with one exception - I still have reservations about his teaching on the millennium. However we must not forget that Jacob Prasch was in full agreement with David Nathan on this subject. After reading BW Newton, I now understand more fully the negative ramifications associated with salvation by grace ending upon Christ's return. {2}

Deborah's response:

Above - Jacob Prasch, David Nathan and Marco Quintana are all in agreement, i.e. after the rapture of the church, the age of grace comes to an end:

Jacob Prasch: "Once the harpazo transpires, the Lord will refocus His primary intentions on the salvation of Israel, although not salvation in the sense that we understand it, not by grace, it will ?? revert back to the Old Testament way of dealing with man and the nations."

David Nathan re-emphasises Prasch's point: "After the rapture, the age of dispensation of grace as we know it, the church age is over. From that moment until the end of the millennium, everything reverts back under law. There is no salvation in the sense of being adopted, being part of the family of God. The Jews and those in the millennium will become the people of God and not the family of God. Everything reverts back under old covenant. So when Jesus comes, that's it, salvation, as we understand it, by grace is over. That is why the parables of the marriage feast in Matthew 22 and in 25 says that when the door is shut, no one else can come in. If you don't have a wedding garment on, in other words, garments made of white by the blood of the Lamb ?? any other garment, you are going to get kicked out. So when the Lord returns, He comes for his bride, there are not two weddings. There is one wedding for one bride at one time in history. You are either in it or you are not. After that, everything goes back under Law."

Jacob Prasch nods at various points and is in full agreement with everything David Nathan says.

Jacob Prasch: "The wedding is the same as the door being shut in Noah's ark."

The statement that millennial Jews and Gentiles will not be saved under grace because the marriage feast is over is extremely problematic. Are not Israel regarded corporately as God's wife during the millennium? (Isaiah 54:5; 62:5; Hosea 2:16). {1}

Fake Jew Jacob Prasch is a proven false teacher whose deluded claim to have "the ministry of Elijah" is utterly absurd.

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2. https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2019/05/jacob-prasch-millennial-views-tainted.html


  1. The JP Horror Show continues on like a bad TV soap which refuses to die (eg. 'Neighbours', no offence intended to those who like it)
    The Randles farrago is likewise endless and woebegone. What sad examples of self-deluded men who cannot admit their errors and sins and make godly restitution for them. We all err and sin. We don't all persist in these activities once presented with the truth. Pride hinders men from being convicted by the Holy Spirit.
    I am surprised that anyone gives them the least attention and respect. Lighthouse Trails publishes articles by Randles. They need to read this blog! My best to you Treena, Mikr

  2. Thank you Mike. I am thoroughly disgusted with the whole topic of Prasch, Randles and associates. I hope and pray that this particular "bad soap" will come to an end very soon.
    God bless.