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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Did Adam Simmonds use his positiion as PCC Northamptonshire to have my posts removed from Blogger?

A simple question with a simple answer – you really would think so wouldn't you?

Armed with the information that Simmonds did definitely have two of my posts removed by Google, you would think that this would be straightforward, but unfortunately not! The Northamptonshire Crime Panel was not given access to records to see if I am named in any of Simmonds communications.

After asking the question: Will there be full disclosure whether Simmonds has used my name in any communications and what exactly those communications were?

The response from James Edmunds, Democratic Services Assistant Manager and Statutory Scrutiny Officer,
Northamptonshire County Council was:

“This is not information that will be available to the Complaints Sub Committee when it meets on Friday to consider your complaint.”

Further question: “Can you tell me what information will be available to the Panel?”

James Edmunds Response: “The Sub Committee will consider your original complaint and the supplementary information you also provided; the response to your complaint from the Police & Crime Commissioner; and some further information clarifying points made in the Commissioner’s response that the Sub Committee requested from him.”

After making a Freedom of Information Request to ascertain whether my name appeared in emails Simmonds sent/received; this is the response I received from Colin Brown C1199 | Data Protection/FOI Officer :

“Disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act is disclosure to the world at large, not just to an individual. Even if you are the person directly involved, any disclosure under the Act would be a breach of data protection for the individual concerned.

If you want copies of your own information, you need to apply under the Subject Access Provisions of the Data Protection Act using the form on our website, see the following link;


I am attaching a form should you require a hard copy.

You are required to provide proof of ID and make a payment of £10.”

In other words, for the privilege of accessing personal information relating to an injustice I believe was committed against me by Simmonds, I am obliged to pay the Northamptonshire PCC £10! I have made the request and paid the £10, but I must say that I find it quite ludicrous that I should have to make out a cheque for £10 to the very person who has removed my posts!

Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel’s Complaints Sub Committee met for the second time yesterday 20th June 2014 to consider my complaint. However, the very evidence that would probably settle the matter was not made available to them! Simmonds must be splitting his sides....

I am waiting with bated breath for their findings!

UPDATE:  http://standfirminthelord.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/the-trouble-with-adam-simmonds-pcc-northamptonshire/

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