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Thursday, 19 June 2014


Victory Outreach in Arnhem has testimonies and a reputation for all kinds of abuse and financial misconduct. Thankfully Victory Outreach in Arnhem Netherlands which was run by 'Pastor' Wilfred Dijksteel has now closed. The building, Spijkerstraat 125 Arnhem is currently up for rent: http://www.fundainbusiness.nl/bedrijfshal/arnhem/object-48086529-spijkerstraat-125/  

The work of Victory Outreach began in the Netherlands in 1985 when a team from the US was sent to start a church in Amsterdam. From there new churches were founded in cities like Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Arnhem, Alkmaar, Almere and Heerlen. A total of 3,300 people in the Netherlands joined the church.

Below is a further testimony from Rene Van Beek:

"De Victory Outreach in Arnhem was finally cancelled because of so called scams homies (residents). Dat are the groups who come for help, but meanwhile bedrogen (cheated). De VO Arnhem never paid including health insurance, which resulted in skyrocketing medical bills from the homie itself must betalen (pay).Er applications were made with fake signatures, such as benefit instanties. De home / Victory Outreach put that money in their own pockets and let the homies get burned because they have to pay it all back which never! they receive Same with psychological assistance grant ... they never got because one must pray and read the Bible as it was with something. Victory Outreach Arnhem put homies practically naked on the street if they even made the smallest (in their eyes) mistake. Their properties were given as half and the rest was gone / sold! Victory Outreach (Arnhem) has nothing good with people in mind! Everything's own interest as owning four houses and a church, three cars, long-distance travel to so called conferences, charities, etc. .. etc. .. etc!! Victory Outreach CHURCH IS A SECT but those people with addiction problems confronted by terrible with them in their churches debt / mistakes / errors etc lets say for microphones . One is ashamed blankly and does not hold because everyone is in their inner your curse / blame / disapprove!! No sign of sympathy or help you, get absolutely nothing! The homies are REQUIRED to take to the streets around doors, markets, supermarkets, plazas with flyers and speak that Jesus is there and that they MUST come to their services to EVERYONE for the punishment of God come out differently over them!! And that MUST homie say! ! The homie is just one day in the home and be there for them when confronted his breath still smells of alcohol, his eyes in every direction and tolls only on the legs can stand! Contact with family?? NO WAY WHICH ARE PAGAN ... THERE YOU SHOULD REMAIN AWAY!! If there are collected in the church is small and you get money out of your pockets then get there snarled the pastor crackling EURO NOTES TO HEAR .... NO MONEY FOR YOU? THEN YOU MUST SIGN AN AUTHORIZATION WHERE THE VICTORY OUTREACH TO THEM HOME TIPP-EX WITH YOUR RATE OF CHANGE IN 5 EURO 25 EURO!! Since it does not come back because bank records are held back or thrown away!!  THAT IS THE VICTORY OUTREACH!!! NOT CHURCH BUT A SECT AS WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHES LIFE ...."

"Also the VO Cult no longer exists in Arnhem and everyone has left the cult. They have not paid their rent and as a result they were kicked out of their VO home and have fled to Germany. The pastor is suffering from a psychiatric condition and he is suffering from mental torture, but physically there is nothing that can be discovered. He is suffering great pain. Their children have gone off the rails. One works in a coffee shop and is stoned and drunk, the other was placed in a psychiatric institution."

Rene's email address: van_beek_rene@outlook.com

I have now also received the testimony of Dennis Willekes, another ex resident of Victory Outreach Arnhem as follows:

"In 2009 I came in the Foundation “the Home Arnhem”, belonging to the Victory Outreach. Our payment went to the bank account of “the Home Arnhem". From that payment,they held 450,- Euro for accommodation etc. They should pay from the payment every month the Health Insurance, but they never did that! They kept that money for themselves. That went on for about 18 months. When I asked for an explain I never got a clear answer. I got more then 2000,- Euro of debt. I got 3000,- Euro back from the Tax Authorities and The Home Arnhem promised to pay my fines that I have. But after a few months the police told me that they never were paid! They promised also to pay 700,- Euro for the Health Insurance from that tax money I got back,but again it disappeared in their own wallets!!  I know that there worked a woman at the office of the Home who told me that she must often fill in reports that where not true and transactions that were wrong!! The Foundation the Home Arnhem declared the money from me at the (tax) authorities which they had already in their wallets again, so now I have to pay that too!"

Dennis Willekes

Further Information:


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  1. Another great update on Victory Outreach Treena, especially the despicable one in Holland.

    I know you will give me your permission but I will put this on my blog as well for wider circulation.

    Keep up the good work Treena,
    God Bless You Richly,

  2. Great thank you Nev. God bless.

  3. My son was addicted and because I was involved with VO in Arnhem I brought him to the church of Victory Outreach in Heerlen.
    After a year of living there I recieved a letter from the PGB, personal budget for healthcare, that my son had to pay a severe amount of money.
    After I called them I almost caught a heartattack, my son had to pay 40.000 Euro.
    The VO in Heerlen had received this money to care of him but never took responsibility for this amount.
    When I asked the pastor there he told me it was not thru.
    I told him I would travel to Heerlen and wanted to see the administration concerning my son, you can guess: Everything was destroyed.
    After I talked to my lawyer I was clear to me that nothing coud be done.
    He fourged my son signature!
    After three years of suffering my son finally paid back the money.

    I knew Pastor Wilfred in Arnhem since he founded the church.
    To me he wasn't a bad person, but his wife OMG
    I play, and very succesfull, guitar.
    In the church a band was formed to lift up de ceremonies.
    The pastors wife, with no musical education at all, told me how to play and what to do.
    I even trained the choir and the musicians.
    She insisted to sing as leading voice which landed in a disaster.
    In her own house one of the churchmembers had a bed to sleep.
    She used that poor girl as her own personal slave, there is no other way to descripe this.
    Churchmembers, who were in love, couldn't even sit besides eachother during a ceremonie but came back pregnant after a church retreat.

    The qeustion is it a cult?
    I have to answer yes!!!!!

  4. Good evening from Holland anonymous.How is your son now and you?
    Wilfred DijkSTEAL isn't that bad you say?Well,I know that "man" as a very bad & evil "thing"!!
    Throwing me on the street while I had brain-dammage after that attack on my life.....no,it's not so "bad".
    Coming to me with a Funeral Card of my oldest brother and just saying:"he is in good hands now so no problems anymore!!!!!!!"
    Dam***...if I want to hear that on such a moment!Of course not!!He is in my eyes the devil himselve anonymous...sorry to say that but what else can I say since he and that ELIA have making me Financial broke & Emotional in a hole & not able to do anymore what I used to do before the attack on my life!!!!

    Am I angry?Am I in state of WAR against Wilfred & Elia and every other Victory Outreach that excist?

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

    My case is by the Dutch Openbaar Ministerie and is lying there on the bottom of a thousand other cases till it is rotten away and nobody looks at it anymore and have forgotten me and all the other victims......

    My lawyer says "have patience René,I know it is difficult,but have patience"

    If I was someone who is famous like a president,well,his case would be done in 1 day!!!!
    Why not my case???I am a human too OBAMA!!!!!!!!!
    Yes Obama!!!He is a very good friend of SONNY ARGUINSONI......SONNY GAVE HIM MILLIONS FOR HIS CAMPAIG TO BE PRESIDENT A FEW YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If I was like WILFRED/ELIA/JERRY/SONNY ETC ETC ETC,I should drive to Germany RIGHT NOW and drop by the 2 DijkSTEAL,because I have their car license plate number and that shows me exactly where they live from my money!

    Sorry,but if the police won't do anything,then I will Anonymous.

    René van_beek_rene@outlook.com

  5. You have my support Rene, but revenge is not God's will:
    "Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, 'Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.'" (Romans 12:19)

  6. From Rene by email today:
    "Treena, I said: "That is what I would do if I was like a Dijksteel".
    Maybe I said/typed it wrong,sorry,it was not literally meant but figuratively."