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Saturday, 7 June 2014


As many people know, I have been writing about the dubious practices and the alleged abuse at Victory Church and Victory Outreach in the UK.  It soon became clear to me during my research that the abuse was not limited to VO UK.  Though they are not connected, the whole set up of VO UK and VO International must surely be a matter of very grave concern as so many horror stories are emerging internationally. Many of the homes are run by what can only be described as despicable crooks who abuse vulnerable adults in the name of Jesus Christ. A dear man named René Van Beek has contacted me with his experience at Victory Outreach at Arnhem in the Netherlands. René almost lost his life at the hands of these abusers and has been left with brain damage after a vicious attack. I have not altered René's testimony as he wants to publicise it in his own words as follows:


"Since the age of 14, I am an alcoholic.

I was practical drunk every single day and at work, driving and everything else I had always beer or rum in my jackets and car.

After several divorces and losing jobs, I decided to stop for once and for all and searched for help. It was difficult to find a clinic because of the long waiting lists.

April 15th 2009:

Then one day I found a place on the internet: Victory Outreach in Arnhem the Netherlands. ONE BIG FAMILY was standing on the walls etc… everywhere!!

It looked good on the site because of the testimony’s and that it was run by Christians.

They had their own Pastor and Church. Also there was a house to live in and you could work on yourself with help from them and their staff.

When I had a quick intake they let my sign for several things.

I was drunk that day and didn’t understand what I was signing for.

They told me that I had to give all my bank accounts, ID card, social security number and everything I had about my health insurance. They wanted that because (so they said) they would take care of it from that day on.

I had to give all of my cigarettes & lighters because smoking was not aloud any more…not inside or outside the Victory Outreach! Damn,that was the only thing I had left that gave me a good feeling..that was history…

That house where I’ve stayed was terrible!

On every wall hung messages about what you don’t might do any more. Every day the same things…start with Bible reading & praying…

I didn’t understand a thing from what the text in the Bible meant, so I got 'help' from the Pastor and DRUGS ABUSERS!!! 

That made it even more complicated of course so I asked my questions the days since then at members from the Victory Outreach, who I saw several times a week.

6 Times in a week I got Bible study’s and there was church on Wednesday & Friday evening and Sunday the whole day!

3-4 Times in a week I had to bring flyers around the entire city, standing on markets & events and telling people that they must come to their church and tell that Jesus & God are good for them etc etc…

If the people asked me a question I collapsed!! I didn’t know any answers…I was not a teacher or talker…I was an alcoholic who was fighting to stay away from all the places where was alcohol right in front of me!!! That was no good way to work on my problem of course!

Well,that went on and on for many months. 

Everything I did was wrong in their eyes…from SATAN… I was still a Satanic person was there opinion!

I had to read 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the Bible. If I had a question I didn’t got answers…I had to pray for answers…that was all they could say. 

I wanted to talk with a psychiater…they had to do that from the doctor I had. Finally, after months there came one for me.

That was very fine & good for me…finally someone who listened and gave answers where I was looking for. But…but he came only once a month for 45 minutes.Not enough of course.

I had learned myself to put my questions on paper and looked for answers on the Internet.Lucky enough I could use sometimes the pc.

Well, that went on till February 13 – 2014.

I moved to the Re-Entry. That was the place where you came before you could go to the 'normal world'.

In that Re-Entry house I had a room near another guy.

The Pastor & his wife told me he was recovered from his drug abuse.

The Home & Re-Entry houses were for men only…so no women allowed. The very 1st night I was there I heared very clearly a woman’s voice in the room of that ex-homie (resident) which name was Remi. They were ****ing there almost every night.

I told the Pastors wife Elia Dijksteel this and all she said was 'you must have heard the radio or tv in his room!' 

The only woman who was allowed was a sister from the Victory Outreach for teaching Remi about the Bible…

Yeah right…I am not crazy!!

I didn’t know what Bible they’ve read, but certainly not the right one!

On a day in that Re-Entry, Remi called me in his room if I wanted to look at something…I turned around and it was 3 weeks later when I opened my eyes!!I was in a hospital bed with all kinds of wires & machines inside & around me…

The doctor said I felled from the stairs,an accident happened.

I had a brain damage because of that…

After a while when I was back in that Re-Entry a guy from the Home told me that it was a big huge lie from the Pastor,his wife & Remi… He had seen that the room of Remi was bloody all over the place…my blood!!! Remi had attacked me from behind and hit me with a heavy peace of metal or a bottle!!!

He trapped me on my head and when he thought I was dead he threw me of the stair to make it look like an accident!!

I couldn’t live anymore the way I used to because of my brain damage. My left site of my body was not functioning correct, the sight in my left eye was 50% less, my smell,my taste, my feelings of moving were 40% less,my concentration was gone…if I read, see or hear anything it was gone the next second and I couldn’t remember anymore…

I couldn’t feel the difference anymore about happiness>anxiety>anger>pain>good or bad etc…etc… December 12th 2012… I am back on the streets with only a plastic bag filled with cans of beer and packages of tobacco.

I had run away from that Satanic SECT and their evil.

Where the hell was I??? Was it a long bad dream I had??

Was I in the HELL for 3 years?? YES I WAS!!!!

What else could it be???

A black gap again…

It was February 2013…I was sitting at a bus stop in Putten.

I heard a city bus breaking,the doors opened and a voice said: 'René what are you doing here man?' That was my brother in law!!!



That day my real brothers & sisters started to look the whole day for a good place to stay for me…and they’ve found it!!

Pro Persona Wolfheze (Mental Hospital) was it called.

I signed in after a very clear and understandable intake.


That happiness flew away after a few weeks… 

After registering in the data-banks they found out that I had very very huge guilt by several organisations.

The 3 weeks hospital costs me 48.000 Euro…

A false made registered income costs me 45.000 Euro…

Several other bills costs me 9.000 Euro…

What happened?

Victory Outreach Arnhem had never paid for my insurances but put the money in their own pockets so I wasn’t insured the whole time at all!!!

They made a false report for incomes on my name with false signatures of me by the computer on Internet and putted that money in that same pockets!!

I now must pay all that bills by the Guilt-Help-Bank.

That will take over more then 3 years…just enough money I have every week for tobacco..and that’s it! No more an ice cream or a day to the zoo or whatever…no more to my family by train or bus…no more of everything…

I went to the police a month ago and they go figure out what they can do. The International Police is helping too, because the Family Dijksteel has run away from Arnhem, left their 4 houses & 'church' and are maybe in Kleve, a place in Germany…maybe they started there somewhere again with the business they had in Arnhem called “MULTI MEDIA” or “FREE MEDIA”(or something like that). I can’t remember.* If they started another VICTORY OUTREACH or a similar kind of 'church & homes'. *(Added later) The name of the business Wilfred Dijksteel have is called 'DRUKMEDIA' He makes DVD's & CD's...Flyers etc...

Is Victory Outreach a SECT? YES!!! 

Everyone who is reading, hearing or whatever this testimony of me, PLEASE, if you love living,don’t die then to go to any Victory Outreach where ever in the whole world!!

Stay away from that and pass this message through!

One big happy family? Yes,for Sonny Arquinzoni and his family!!!!

They are the ones that walk around with big smiles,driving in Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and flying to every beach on the planet in their private Jets…..

To bring the Gospel everywhere they say on TV….the only thing they bring is disasters and destroy!!!!

If you think I am lying this all, write to me or phone me and I will listen to you!  My email address is van_beek_rene@outlook.com.


God gave us the most important thing…A FREE WILL…do with it what you want and don’t let anybody tell you what you must do or believe or whatever!!

One thing I want to say…they speak in so called 'tongues'

That is another big fake & lie!!

A Pastor or who ever can only speak that 'language' if there is a true holy person who can understand the meaning of what is said and he/she must tell the people the meaning!!

If you hear that 'blablabla' and nobody tells you the meaning…GO AWAY,TURN YOUR BACK AND STAY AWAY!!!

Never Ever let someone who has not the authority drive AWAY 'bad spirits' by touching you!!

The only thing that happens is that there really COME bad spirits inside you!!"


Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done. (Revelation 22/12,see also Matthew 16/27, Proverbs 24/12)

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  1. Great article again Treena.

    I will re-blog this with your kind permission.

    Thanks very much, and God Bless you richly,


  2. this is all so true.