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Thursday, 19 June 2014


I have decided to re-publish the comments that were removed by Adam Simmonds PCC Northamptonshire back in February in a most underhand and ? illegal way in his attempt to suppress free expression and exposure of TLC’s unbiblical agenda. The only proviso I would add to the original post is that the comments below are people’s experiences and views about Trinity Life Church as they relate to Biblical Christianity. I do exhort people to test TLC by the biblical criteria they profess (1 John 4/1).

The comments I received back in January and February concerned the apostasy taking place at Trinity Life Church in Leicester, not least their “lucky” 666 lottery funding with its conditions to submit to secular equality values as detailed in my original post:


Benny Hinn’s visit to Leicester was validated by David Hind. Hinn is a proven necromancer, a proven false prophet and a well known wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have already written an in-depth post about Hinn:



Anonymous said…

Treena – You raise some serious questions yet I doubt you will get positive answers from the church leaders there. Like you say questioning their theocracy leads only one direction. May I read from this that you are no longer at TLC? And what of the senior elders above this local leadership team, do AOG church officials condone these actions? Have they nothing to say regarding this effort to acquire funding?
From my own experience of this model for church it only leads into ‘cultism’ and the heavy shepherding of the flock by leaders who view dissenting and correcting voices as threats to their ‘authority. Yet even Peter was publicly rebuked by Paul (over compromising with the Jews)and later he wrote that though what Paul said was difficult to receive it was nevertheless true. This situation in present church leadership reminds me so much of the prophets who tickled each others ears with supposed prophecy whilst the leader Hananiah(?) dramatical grabbed the horns of the altar declaring victory. When Jeremiah spoke the true word from the Lord he earned a swift rebuke and slap on the face from the ‘prophet’ who claimed he had more of the anointing and the spirit of God than Jeremiah. They put Jeremiah down and put him out, but his true prophecy stood time and testing. I remember well watching the leaders of All Nations dancing on stage in Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley a few years ago, yet not one of these apostles or prophets seemed to know or care of Bentleys failings and less than a month later Todd was exposed. Didn’t these prophets perceive it? King David couldn’t hide from the word of God as he was exposed over Bathsheba by Nathan. Perhaps this city will have other voices who continue standing by the roadside and calling out? They went for ‘catching the anointing by association, receiving an impartation of the glory’ quote from Ian Rossel before he flew. How have All Nations, TLC prospered since?

As I read the Gospels I am constantly challenged on my personal walk of faith and being willing to allow God to address issues in my life. Working out your salvation with fear and trembling is hard because we get offended when Jesus puts His finger on something and we don’t want to give it up or allow God to change us. The rich young man went away very sad of course, and when Jesus spoke of eating His flesh and drinking his blood, many turned away offended at his teaching. The disciples had to come to the decision to follow Jesus because, “you have the Words of Eternal Life, where else do we go?”… back into the world perhaps with the comfort of soothing hyper-worship, non-threatening seeker friendly sermons, paying tithes to buy another week of blessings?

Narrow is the way Treena and few there are that find it but I am glad that you constantly signpost the way for people to follow. Blessings, Andy T

28 January 2014 08:12

Treena Gisborn said…
Dear Andy T. Thank you for your comment. I left TLC some years ago, not long after David Hind was appointed for obvious reasons. Many wise people have left TLC. I once respected the previous pastor Brian Niblock, but he is up to his neck in it with them. I moved on to Holy Trinity which was a terrible mistake but I have learned a lot. Thank you very much for your encouragement – I do believe that it is right to bring these things out into the light and hopefully others will take heed. God bless you
28 January 2014 09:24

Anonymous said…

Treena, again I have to agree with much of what you say. I had the dubious honour of meeting David Hind a couple of times as a fellow pastor and found him to be a dangerous and quite frankly cultish leader.

I could see where he was heading a number years ago and the way he was appointed is quite frankly wrong on so many levels.

I worry for TLC and the many hundreds who are being led astray by these leadership team, dont even get me started on the whole area of employing family etc.

Your anonymous pastor friend.

30 January 2014 06:37

Treena Gisborn said…

Thank you my “anonymous pastor friend”. I am praying for the Christians of Leicester that the Lord will open their eyes. TLC is one of the worst churches here, but they are all in a terrible place with the Lord – and so arrogant. The leaders won’t repent even if proven to be unbiblical! TLC used to be a good church years ago – it is such a shame.
30 January 2014 07:19

Anonymous said…

heard that at the recent Benny Hinn meeting at Athena, Leicester, Benny pointed him out and scolded him for slouching while the word was being preached and not being respectful of the things of God. Ironic?..kingdom divided against itself..?
4 February 2014 09:15
Anonymous said…

Seriously if he was that is a major concern.
5 February 2014 10:30

Anonymous said…

yes he was, front row on the left of the stage, he had to move his chair when the ‘ministry’ time started at the end. Slouched and chewed gum through the whole time!? On stage sitting near choir were Ian Rossol, a ‘Bishop’ Lupiya and an asian businessman who co-ordinated event, sorry don’t know name, worship lead by mixed choir and worship leader from All Nations.

the event was a near washout, Benny was late having driven up from London, the worship was constantly interrupted by Hinn associate pleading for people to fill out some donation card or to give updates on whereabouts of Benny. Why was he not already in Leicester? I sat upstairs behind group of young teen girls who bounced up and down one minute and then rolled around the floor growling the next? No ministry came to them, some woman just patted one girl on the back and left them to it?

Hinn spoke on the Holy Spirit, some dubious comments from my view…certainly the disciples needed the power of the Holy Spirit to stand and be a witness for Jesus hence pentecost but some of the other stuff about Jesus lacking power, people not believing and the gospel not affecting people prior to the Acts 2 made me uncomfortable. A call to receive the baptism or a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit followed. The prayer for healing was a general thing and certain people went on stage to say they had been healed of bad legs? pain in stomach and one woman seemed to be manifesting demonically but no one knew who she was or if she came with any church and in my opinion it looked like an act of desperation from a clearly troubled person.

Still lots of smiling faces exited anticipating the promised return of Benny Hinn in the future…, the £10 I paid for the ticket provided me an opportunity to see in the flesh what I see on the TV but I came away thinking it so much hype and the ‘miracles’ left for another time…count me out.

6 February 2014 05:34

Treena Gisborn said…

Thank you for this Anon. If this doesn’t confirm that David Hind is a false shepherd then I don’t know what does! God bless you.
6 February 2014 06:59

Anonymous said…

David Hind and Ian Rossol…no surprise there. They have both departed from truth a long time ago.

Also had an entertaining time with Ian Rossol once and couldn’t believe that anyone couldn’t see straight through him.

Originally Posted 6 February 2014 09:43

UPDATE: http://standfirminthelord.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/the-trouble-with-adam-simmonds-pcc-northamptonshire/

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