Gordon Pettie

"In the 80's, Gordon Pettie of Revelation TV ran a business called Gordon Pettie Investment Services Ltd who advertised extensively in Christian magazines and church newspapers. See here for evidence, and here for one of his ads.  

In 1988 he lost his investment licence because of the Barlow Clowes scandal, and from there went into managing old folks homes with his wife Lorna.  

Here is one of the stories of the churches he invested money for (and lost the lot) as mentioned by Sir Fergus Montgomery MP for Altrincham and Sale in the house of commons and recorded in hansard:

'I am always wary of giving publicity to constituents' private problems, and many constituents have told me about their heavy losses over this fiasco. However, a church in Altrincham has been hit by that debacle. A recent article in the Manchester Evening News stated: An Altrincham vicar fears his church has lost £42,500 invested in the crashed £190 million empire of Cheshire tycoon Peter Clowes. Building work at St. John the Evangelist, in St. John's Road, Altrincham, has been left unfinished after construction of a parish and community centre in the west end of the Victorian building stopped days after the crash. It went on to say: they went ahead with the investment on the advice of 'a practising Christian', Mr. Gordon Pettie. His Poynton-based Gordon Pettie Investment Services was last week suspended by Fimbra, the watchdog for financial intermediaries. The money came from the sale of the church hall alongside St. John's, which is a landmark in the Altrincham area. Later in the article the vicar stated: '"What really sold us on this investment was that the brochure for BCI portfolio 68 implied that all the money would be invested in gilts.' "  http://www.gordonpettie.n.nu/