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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

the great climate change cover up! by dave macpherson

     I agree with Obama, Gore and many others that climate change is very real.
     But the climate change COVER-UP - something that Obama, Gore etc. don't talk about - is real too!
     Here are some climate-related disasters that world leaders and the media have swept under the rug:
     (1) The volcano that polluted so much of the oceans that a huge percentage of sea creatures died.
     (2) Something like an asteroid polluted some major river systems, causing the deaths of many who tried to drink the water.
     (3) A plague of scorpion-like creatures coming mysteriously out of the earth that attacked and poisoned vast numbers of persons - and no known treatment or medicine was able to stop the disaster.
     (4) The sudden, record-breaking solar flare that horribly scorched many globally that's never been reported in the mainstream media!
     (5) The unexplainable evaporation of all of the water in one of the greatest rivers on earth.
     (6) A hailstorm with hail the largest in recorded history (when compared with hailstorms before and after it).
     By the way, all of the above disasters were actually predicted, but Obama and other world leaders and activists have decided that total silence is the way to deal with such horrendous events.
     There's a reason for their silence and cover-up and here it is:
     They've been silent because all six disasters discussed above haven't happened yet and are still future! I decided to use my writer's imagination and imagined I was living in the last part of the book of Revelation and, as a survivor, was looking back at colossal events I had just somehow survived!
     Yes, the same climate events are real and really ahead of us - and climate activists should focus on that future time which could be just around the corner. During that relatively short period of time, at least one-half of the world's population will die, as predicted in that same book!
     One final thought: if any person wants to be a personal friend with the Author of that awesome book (a rewarding connection that millions have discovered is absolutely free and easy to make), the same person's own end will never be a never-ending dark night!

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  1. Readers who like a who-done-it murder mystery, or who like an article with a surprise ending, will love this truly different piece by prophecy writer MacPherson. The real surprise is the way he gets folks exposed to disasters in the book of Revelation by employing a little-used back door approach - and non-Christians as well as Christians will find themselves drawn into his best-of-intentions net! (submitted by Simon)