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Saturday, 31 January 2015


No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!.....

It hasn't escaped my notice that Adam Simmonds has an uncanny resemblance to a villain in a James Bond film! Perhaps his critics could convince him to change career - I'm sure it would be very lucrative and there are many who would say how suited to the role he is! On a more serious note, perhaps Simmonds is not far from playing that role in reality!

Why are critical comments about Adam Simmonds PCC Northamptonshire being deleted from news provider, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo? Not only that, but I find that my own posts about Simmonds are not showing up on search engines as they should!! Last year, Simmonds deleted two of my posts about Trinity Life Church (TLC) in Leicester (Simmonds is the Director and Trustee of TLC which is a Pentecostal Assemblies of God denomination). I had quite a battle trying to prove that the removal of my posts by Simmonds was an illegal action. I believe the reason I failed was because I do not have Simmonds powerful connections!

My complaint against Adam Simmonds was “considered” by the toothless Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel (PCP). One of the statutory functions of the PCP is to deal with complaints about Simmonds conduct, and yet they have absolutely “no investigatory powers” i.e. they are impotent to investigate any complaints about his conduct. The Government Ombudsman are also toothless since they cannot change the system that exists for scrutiny of a PCC – they can only look at the way the current system has been implemented. The irony of the whole ludicrous facade is that no body set up to hold Simmonds accountable has the power to actually investigate his actions. This makes Adam Simmonds effectively unanswerable!!!

Justin Brown has written the following on his Facebook page:

"Like many other folk, I have had numerous posts deleted from the on line version of our local news provider the Chronicle and Echo. No explanation ever given to me. Last year I wrote personally to the editor David Summers exploring certain reasons why my posts had been deleted. I never received a reply. We know from my recent FOIA request that the OPCC has requested removal of content from the said site. I don't believe peoples opinions regarding an elected representative should be censored. Do you?
Over the course of the next few weeks I intend to investigate this matter further, starting with this FOIA request I sent a few days ago:
Under the provisions of the FOIA I would like to request the following information:
1) How many times has the OPCC requested messages removed that were posted onto the Chronicle and Echo on line 'have your say' forum by Justin BROWN?
2) The rationale for these requests if any were made
3) Have the OPCC retained a copy of any such messages? How are they stored and for what purpose?
Many thanks"


Treena Gisborn "Simmonds actions are the very opposite of 'Christian'. I really do hope that Justin gets somewhere with this - it just isn't right at all - evil actually (in my opinion)!"

Treena Gisborn "I think it is funny that my recent posts about Adam Simmonds on my blog do not make it onto Google Search Engines.... I have been saying this for ages. Anything I write about him gets very few views - far less than my other posts! I have queried this with Google but did not get anywhere." http://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.co.uk/.../who-is-god-of...

xxxxx "I think your first mistake was thinking the Chronicle was a news provider, looking at their current stories 'Oh look its snowing' 'Councillor Macintosh has a photo in the paper again' 'Ohhh look the snow is melting' and the ever repeating 'Here is another photo of Councillor Macintosh' and you think it delivers news?"

xxxxx "From where does he get the power to do this."

xxxxx "And using public money to employ staff to censor his political opponents should be a crime in its own right. He should remember he was elected by a minority and with just one more vote he can become a nobody again at the next election." 

xxxxx "Just proves how corrupt simmonds and his pals are."

xxxxx "Best of luck in your campaign for transparency. But you will have to pierce several layers of corruption and sharp practice before you succeed. There are wheels within wheels within wheels." 

xxxxx "Well it all smacks of '1984' and we only hear the news they want us to hear. And next week the truth/facts will be different and we will be expected to swallow that trash too grrrrrr." 


Justin Brown: "It seems my previous post about censorship by Adam Simmonds has itself been censored by Facebook. I have not been contacted by Facebook explaining the reasons why or who the request to remove the content was from.

Like many other folk I have had comments posted onto the on line version of the Chronicle and Echo removed in relation to Adam Simmonds. I have had no notification as to the reason why despite writing to the editor personally seeking clarification. From my previous FOIA request to the OPCC we know Simmonds office has requested the removal of such comments. I have submitted a new FOIA request to the OPCC seeking answers, along with a request to Facebook asking why posts on this forum are now being censored.

I also note blogs critical of Simmonds posted elsewhere on the web have recently been censored."


Treena Gisborn: "Forsaking the right way, they have gone astray. They have followed the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved gain from wrongdoing," (2 Peter 2/15) 

xxxxx "The Chronic has become a joke. Only use I had for it was to line my pet degus cage. But even they rip it up in disgust now."

xxxxx "The cover all excuse is 'Potentially Libellous' which is a utter cop out and used so Simmonds's mouthpiece and propaganda paper can censor what he chooses without question. The Chron is about as contemptible as Simmonds and certainly in bed with him. I messaged the Chron last night re the 5000,000 paid to one of his buddies to market the part timer recruitment drive and they responded this morning saying they would look into it. seconds later this response from them disappeared from my messages, i am guessing nothing will be said/written about this important matter that should be of concern to all the people of Northamptonshire. as for removing your comments i am sure they will say they are 'off topic' or such, we all know the real reason..."

xxxxx "What can you expect Justin, when the results of expensive public enquiries are tailor made to whitewash guilty people, files go missing which incriminate important national figures, bankers get away with what amounts to theft, public funds are squandered, and political debate is used as a substitute for action. In my opinion, these are the hallmarks of a dying democracy and a decadent civilisation.But, rest assured, the top people, and we all know who we are referring to, will not lose out."   

xxxxx "The Chron is a disgrace.does anyone know how to contact the head office, as clearly contacting the editor and his team is a complete and utter waste of time." 

xxxxx "My comment has been removed. What of free speech in this country." 

xxxxx "I am now blocked from commenting on this xxxx poor paper."

xxxxx "the system stinks!!!!"

xxxxx "Simmonds owns the Chron so you'll have no luck there!"


Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy. (Proverbs 28/13) 

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. (Galatians 6/7) 

This situation is extremely concerning because democracy and freedom of expression are being seriously compromised - BUT WHY? The strength of feeling against Simmonds from many members of the general public is astonishing and Justin Brown's concerns are very valid. The right to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest are crucial in a democracy – information and ideas help to inform political debate and are essential to public accountability and transparency in Government. This is something glaringly absent from Simmonds regime in Northamptonshire. What a terrible witness to the people of Northamptonshire who have first hand experience of Simmonds' autocracy and his heretical version of ecumencial Christianity.

Justin Brown is planning to stand for election as an independent councillor at the next local elections (Obelisk Ward). I do hope and pray that the voters of Northampton have enough insight and wisdom to vote for Justin. 

From my own point of view, I believe that Simmonds autocracy is a complete scandal and absolutely unacceptable. We are not yet part of the authoritarian New World Order/One World Government prophesied in the Bible, but I am sure when it does arrive, Simmonds will fit in perfectly well with his new boss the Antichrist. He will have just a short time, three and a half years actually, and then it will all be over!!!!! It makes me wonder whether Simmonds and is cronies at TLC have really considered the eventual consequences of their actions (Revelation 17/16).



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I didn't believe in the Devil until I became aware of Adam Simmonds!