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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I have previously written three posts concerning the questionable regime at Victory Outreach International (VOI) at Arnhem in the Netherlands which was run by so called "Pastor" Wilfred Dijksteel along with his wife Elia. My previous posts focused on the alleged abuse suffered by ex-resident Rene Van Beek. Rene suffered a head injury resulting in brain damage after an incident where he claims that he was thrown down a flight of stairs at the home at Arnhem. Described as an evil cult by many people, VOI at Arnhem closed down about two years ago amid rumours of unpaid bills and doubts about its values and principles.


Things have progressed for Rene since my last post. He now has a solicitor and is taking legal action along with another couple who also claim to have been abused by VOI. Despite all his difficulties, Rene's faith is strong and he is looking to the Lord. I do ask my Christian readers to continue to pray for his full recovery and for closure over the terrible things that have happened to him at the hands of the Dijksteels. These two wolves in sheeps' clothing masqueraded as servants of the Lord whilst exploiting the vulnerable residents of VOI. Rene's issues are very typical of many similar testimonies coming from ex-residents of Victory Outreach UK in Cwmbran Wales. Details can be found on Neville Stephens' website: http://ziontalywain.blogspot.co.uk/ I believe that the inherant weakness of VOI and VOUK is that the managers of the homes have direct access to the state benefits of residents. This situation creates an opening for unscrupulous opportunists and facilitates the kind of abuse we have been hearing so much about. In addition, there does not appear to be any demonstrable accountability of those who run VOI and VOUK, even in the face of many voiced concerns and complaints.

A case in point is Andy Valdez who was the Regional Overseer for Britain and Ireland until being disfellowshipped and excommunicated from VOI on November 24th 2014. Valdez diverted funds intended for the work of Victory Outreach Dublin for personal and not for VO purposes. See the links below for more information:


Rene has recently been in contact with the son of Wilfred and Elia Dijksteel -Wilfred Dijksteel Junior, who has some very unhappy memories from his childhood and some further details about Rene's belongings. Both Rene and Wilfred Junior have given permission for me to post these details below in their own words. I apologise for the poor translation. I do not know Dutch and Rene is struggling to translate because of his disability. I have not altered the text very much as I do not want to change the original meaning of their words. If there are any readers out there who can translate from Dutch to English I would be very grateful for some help in this respect.

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "Most of what you sent I had read on the internet.

I feel very strongly about what happened to you. In fact it is impossible to express in words. I was really shocked when I read it. I did not expect it, but simultaneously I thought it did not sound unlikely and my eyes were opened a little further."

Rene: "I was not allowed to smoke (even outside) and all I did was wear black glasses to prevent being watched. Everything I did I got a scolding and a scripture that they had supposedly received from God about me…..I was told that Satan was involved and I was a big sinner fit for nothing!"

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "Story of my life. I was nothing that made their world. Do not smoke, do not drink, no radio, much on TVcould also not be considered, should not rush out, no friends who do not go to church and so on. You become so secluded from society so that you only know their truth. You can see that when newcomers being snatched from their family and friends because they are worldly.

We were neglected by my parents and brainwashed. When I was young, I was not aware of the evil behind Victory Outreach. Should it be your mother and father which will do the best for you? not so. I have many scars on my soul from when I was young. I am not placed in an institution such as Esther posted on the internet, but I have sought help."

Rene: "When I said I was pushed off the back they said it was only imagination, because I had just stumbled !!!" 

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "Very recognizable. Every time I aked a question of Elia asking for an explanation she replied 'another evil ex-homie or a 'church goer' at the door. Those people are crazy they have many problems. They are sick. They want money.'

I had questions always because we saw the two faces of my parents. Church for me was one big charade. The sick thing is that they seek out the weakest of society as a victim. and just prefer drug addicts with criminal records etc. etc. because who would believe a booty? upright? earlier, an addict or a "church" with beautiful words?"

Rene: "What they can properly print money back and personal belongings."

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "I saw your stuff with my parents in the barn and Elia wanted me to throw it all away because it was 'rubbish'. I then looked in the box and saw pictures of you. And thought, this is not a mess who throws good photos away? I have not touched the stuff. You do not personally kennede? or your residence and nothing to do with wanting Hebbe that cult. I said that they themselves but shed but empty up that stuff is not supposed to throw away and to give back to you. I find it really sad that this has not happened.

Not only people in the 'church' word defrauded cunning money. family is simply deceived and manipulated. Father and Mother for me now nothing more than words. The word son never meant anything to them. As a child I saw all the things the homies
(residents) had to do - bible, pray, flyers, church setting, and sweeping dismantling weather etc. They were just slaves. The see homies as slaves and income."

Rene: "They somehow had my data applied for benefits."
Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "They managed to bring beautiful things in organizations because they are a "church" and help people. if that fails is just committed fraud.
She has also tried to earn money on my state of mind when the time. (A mental state that was developed by them) they wanted to catch money under the guise of therapy. I do not agree with that.

Rene: "It damn difficult is evident after my complaint to the police ... namely that they don’t do anything."

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "I was also there and was aangeken and treated like I'm a moron.
for what can a church do now wrong."


Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "I have this totally agree with you. I think some people dare to say anything, because they also have people involved in fraud. I do not believe that people were aware of this. and acted and really wanted to help people from a good heart."

Rene: "His name is xxxx .... (Known by the Dijksteels)"
Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "I do not know him."

Rene: "It soon Became clear to me consistently my research that the abuse was not limited to VO UK."

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "It certainly is not. Each VO is a school from which people are broadcast. Those people who know the dirty secrets and games to play with. or people who are too blind to see the truth. And when they begin to see the truth, they naturally become crazy, or cases for Satan.
I recently saw a picture on the Internet of the predecessors of vo denhaag and their children. I believe that eyes are a door to the soul. and when I look at that girl. I see just the despair and helplessness in her eyes that I have felt."

Rene: "I told the pastors wife Elia Dijksteel this and all she said was' you must have heard the radio or TV in his room! " 

Wilfred Dijksteel Junior: "She lies flatly in your face. she is a pathological liar who you want to believe that everything is up to you. and that you are crazy.

A false maggot registered income costs me 45,000 Euro
I too have debts at their hands

One big happy family? Yes, for Arquinzoni Sonny and his family !!!!
Do not know if you remember United We Can. that's one big pyramid with only one winner (
Arguinzoni and the Pastors). Each church is 10% of the money to the church above them. you know how many vo there are. and of course all the money goes to the top. godfather to Arguinzoni. most of the homies That Are in vo for a long time still walk talk and act like gangsters. I once went with a few to America and saw how many luxury cars and Rolex watches and so have the Arguinzonis. That humility and don’t caring about riches?
during those "holidays" for the world conference. Elia and Wilfred were getting jewellery from them every time they went to America + -5K. While they are our same vacation just starved. Often forests as children disagree on holiday but had to. because the outward semblance of course had to remain high.
When I was physically strong enough, I got the courage to say that I would not go to church from that day. At that time I was equally pushed/thrown in my room, and I was told that if I did not go out of the house to go to church. I am therefore when I was 18 as the house went out. Since I was only in the outside world. After my whole youth being brainwashed, not how the world really works. With all its consequences.
Every month, there was again a new purpose for which they asked for money in the church. begging for cars so they could move the homies.themselves easier but cars never came. And so on.

Do you know others who also have been cheated and now find themselves up to their ears in misery thanks to those two "Christians"?
The only names I can come up are:
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
(names not shown for legal reasons)
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, this was long before your time at vo zegmaar??
The list will be much longer.
there was before the home. lived there always someone in our house as a kind of relief. I never knew that their money asked for it. because the only thing I noticed is that people here had to do all the housework.

xxxxxxx, I have contacted just as I did with you, but have not had a response unfortunately.

If you think I am lying all this, write to me or phone me and I will listen to you!
We like their children already suffer enough. Our name is now dirty and shelter their sit in germany. I often get sick of the fact that I wear the same name as my father. I am reminded by my actions to my brother who still lives at home. If he is gone, they can get the full brunt of me."

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment. The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21/5-8)

Rene's email address: van_beek_rene@outlook.com

Further information about Victory Outreach International:

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