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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Jacob Prasch & Moriel Under Investigation

Moriel's Response:


A staged video clip falsely claiming that Moriel & Jacob Prasch are 'Under Investigation' is of course completely without foundation. Such fabrications are as untrue as they are malicious. We are able to confirm that neither Moriel or Jacob Prasch are under any investigation of any kind by any civil, governmental, or police authority for anything in any country or in any jurisdiction.

Moriel TV has already ceased commenting on the David Nathan issue and we have ceased responding to his proponents and defenders such as Deborah and Stuart Menelaws though do stand by the factual accuracy of what had been reported. We reject as hyperbolic nonsense the hideous demands of Graham Baldwin and the Menelaws framed in language that may legally constitute blackmail.

Moriel TV transmissions are produced, operated and administrated in the USA under the ownership of Moriel USA, which is legally and financially separate from Moriel UK. Our attorneys assure us our content is protected under First Amendment and Fair Use laws. The legal home and tax home of Jacob Prasch is in the USA although he is in other countries for interim periods (including the UK). He has no UK home, property lease, permanent address, or personal assets in the UK. Jacob Prasch moreover is not even on Social Media and is therefore in no position to 'e-stalk' or harass anyone.

As the ROKU financial report of Moriel shows, no wages for Jacob Prasch appear in the audits of Moriel UK because Jacob does not receive any, and all of our recorded materials are freely available at no cost on the Internet. We invite anyone to download any material of Moriel or Jacob Prasch free of charge, only requesting it not be edited or commercially sold. Giving it away is encouraged.

Emails sent by us in response to vitriolic attacks against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch claimed to be abusive by Mr. Baldwin and the Menelaws have notably not been produced by them, essentially because read in context as such do not exist. They are merely replies to hostile attacks upon us including libelous allegations of mental illness. We have however, decline to reply to more recent emails by David Nathan and Deborah Menelaws who seem pointlessly intent to keeping this monster alive. All that needs to be established doctrinally and otherwise has been stated and re-stated already and we do not intend to be participants of this Christ dishonoring religious charade triggered by heresy and those who defend it. For us it has been over for some time already.

A detailed point by point response to this poorly contrived 'investigation' nonsense may be made available upon request to those known to us, but we have ended any further TV commenting on this David Nathan & Menelaws issue weeks ago. Others wishing to drag it out, will continue to be ignored. We have meanwhile thanked Bill Randles for his apologetic removal of a blog critical of Jacob.


Moriel Board


  1. O dear!
    That was hard hitting!
    I feel for the Menelaws, especially Deborah, can you imagine what she has gone through?
    What little regard I had of Prasch before watching this has just gone down the plug hole!
    Calling Prasch a PAGAN!!! I don't believe Mr Baldwin said that without due consideration, do you?
    He seriously needs to repent and make amends.
    God bless.

  2. It must have been awful for the Menelaws Colin. Being called Ahab and Jezebel and all sorts of other abusive things publicly is just not acceptable.
    I do think what Graham Baldwin said was with due consideration.
    I can't see Prasch repenting at any price, but lets hope I am wrong.
    God bless.

  3. I have added Moriel's response to this post Colin. I also have a copy of his more detailed response. God bless.

  4. Just the kind of response one would expect!
    He just gets harder! BLACKMAIL! what on earth is he on about???
    It would at least be something if he would apologize for the OTT name-calling?
    Whatever civil, governmental or police investigation may arise from all of this, I know not. But one thing I DO know, is that he is under ecclesiastical investigation!
    He might want to sweep it all under the carpet, but others that have been hurt by him may yet come forward.
    There is nothing worse than spiritual abuse.
    There is only one "monster" in all of this!
    God bless.

  5. Treena,
    On Catalysts website, what do you make of their statement; "Catalyst as an organisation has no religious beliefs or objectives..."? Yet, clearly, as an individual Mr Baldwin confesses in no uncertain terms that he is a Christian, and the "organisation" would seem to be entirely his!

    This is the problem today; be upfront about John 14:6, Acts 4:12, and so on, and you might scare them all away! More than a scent of ecumenism here! but that is how things are?

    God bless.

  6. In order to get charitable status an organisation has to be neutral or the CC will reject the application due to political correctness.

    Graham Baldwin does freely say that he is a Christian. I am hopeful that he is genuine and that the Lord will use him in this situation.

    Deborah Menelaws says: "He's handled Proctor & Gamble,The Guardian, Amway and many others. Army background, special services, afraid of no one. Hates injustice - he's yet another gift from God as far as I'm concerned! He says he's written to Jacob and Bill etc - to no avail apparently. His investigation continues..."

    He seems to be the "Clint Eastwood" of the spiritually abused.. "..he helps people to leave what he sees as the lunatic fringe of religious cults.."


    God bless.

  7. I struggle to accept this per se, however, Matt.10:16 comes to mind.
    God bless.

  8. "A calm period"!!! do "calm periods" now exist? Regardless, I aver that Randles was MOST unwise to enter into the fray; he seems to want to please everyone at the same time, even taking sides with opposing factions that are accusing each other of being "liars" and "heretics"! How can this ever be done, I ask you? It appears that Randles has quite a thriving ministry, and any impartial observer (like me?) could see that he wasn't at all happy with Prasch's outbursts, language, vitriol, misogyny, call it what you will. I remember years back when I used to listen weekly to Tony Pierce's sermons (BLF) he would often have Prasch to preach there, that on an occasion or two, Prasch's sermons would be removed. This has been an ongoing problem as you well know!

    I was totally dumbfounded at Prasch's use of words against Deborah (DLT)!
    When I was an unbeliever, I would rail and curse as Prasch NOW does, but I hardly need to quote chapter and verse on this, do I?

    What Randles SHOULD have done was drop his association with Moriel ALTOGETHER, moved on, and be done with Prasch, but for some reason he wouldn't, or couldn't.

    You KNOW my theology, and Randles, Prasch, and Nathan would have me down as a heretic! (MOST especially Nathan, it would seem according to him that the Reformation was a big, big mistake!), yet they often quote from Reformed Calvinist teachers, such as John Gill, Spurgeon, Muller, Ryle, Lloyd Jones, etc..!

    Whether or not Randles will take the time to read your excellent rebuttal of Prasch's awful intra-seal heresy, I know not; it is not a taxing read, and clearly explains where Prasch has departed from Scripture.
    Somehow I doubt he will, but let us pray that God would open his eyes to see?

    God bless.

    PS. After the Catalyst video appeared (from what source, I wonder?), I did comment (for the first time) on Randles latest "Tar Baby" blog two days ago, it was very short, nothing rude (God forbid!) and this is what I said; "Prasch a pagan, who would have thought it? might this not be true? Are we not told "Ye shall know them by their fruits" Matt. 7:16?
    For reasons best known to Randles, he chose not to publish it, I think we KNOW why? I wonder how many other such similar comments he hasn't published?

    People talk of repentance as being something that is easy to do, remember folk often get harder!
    I think Secker of Tewkesbury said it right;
    "Though repentance be the act of man, it is but the gift of God."

  9. Bill Randles on FB yesterday: "I love Jacob. It is true that he has said intemperate things in anger and they are being used against him now, but this witch-hunt is also of the devil."

    My reply: " Have you examined intra-seal Bill as I asked? I can't believe that Prasch has deceived so many people, including teachers. I am convinced that we are not that far from the 70th week - will "Pentecost be Reversed"? It is not a witch-hunt it is of his own doing. "But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth." Colossians 3:8. Prasch is a clanging cymbal 1 Cor 13:1... and his teaching is full of error... This reflects badly on you! Has he blinded you as well?"

    Bill Randles: I intend to sister... I need a calm period to do so as it is very hectic for me currently.

    According to one source that I cannot name at present, there is a bit more going on here than meets the eye. Lets see shall we?

    God bless.

  10. Is Jacob Prasch really being investigated? If so is it justified and legit or is it just retaliation? Either way JP is bad news and should be avoided- imo. Thanks

  11. I am unable to answer your questions Anonymous. Catalyst have no information online and I can't answer for the motives of others.
    God bless.