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Monday, 17 December 2018


Jacob Prasch & Moriel Under Investigation Video
My email to Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling:

Dear Graham

For the record, I would like to add my experience of Jacob Prasch to the information that you have submitted on YouTube. I do not feel that I need counselling or any other kind of help, but rather my aim is to expose this man as a false teacher and a reviler. (Ephesians 5:11; 1 Corinthians 5:11).

I began to question Jacob Prasch’s intra-seal theory back in 2015. Things soon began to turn very nasty after I decided that it would not be in my interests to meet Prasch in London to discuss intra-seal with him as Moriel had suggested. I began writing posts on my blog refuting intra-seal, and then later I published a short book on Amazon. I plan to add more to this book in due course and to publish it in paperback. https://www.amazon.co.uk/INTRA-SEAL-RAPTURE-DECEPTION-EXPOSED-devised-ebook/dp/B06X6N2JJT

When I responded to Prasch’s misogynist teaching on women – this was part of his response:

“The doctrinal ignorance reflected on these feminist blogs is unmistakably evident as is the fact that their feminist rants are fuelled by emotionally charged outbursts reflecting the demonic Jezebel spirit where the husbands submit to their wives in an abrogation of God's order..”

I have also been accused of acting “without a covering” by Prasch’s henchman, Joshua Chavez on Moriel TV FB page. This particular insult has since been taken down. Prasch has also called me an “ignoramus” elsewhere. I responded to Prasch’s teaching on women because I believe he has done great damage in that area, not only to myself, but to other women who are called to ministry. Prasch clearly construes anyone who questions his distorted teaching on women as a “Jezebel” who wants to rule over men. This is simply not the case at all.

Prasch’s teaching on women is very unbalanced, as my friends Pat and Mike have pointed out a number of times on closingstages.net.

One particular friend who I shall not name has been very hurt and has backed away from the whole Prasch situation. She wrote to me recently:

“Late last winter I got hammered between 2 men for two weeks regarding my (our) experiences with JP as tho I was the one who misunderstood, was wrong, should look for reconciliation,..blah, blah. That was the last of it for me..”

God bless you
Treena Gisborn


M'Kayla said...

Blessings Treena. <3

Sam said...

Why have you chosen to share this email publicly? What does it have to do with us, i.e. the public?

Treena Gisborn said...

If you are reading posts about spiritual deception Sam then it does concern you.

Mike Evans said...

Well written and balanced. I think Deborah from Discerning The World should contact this person re this investigation. She endured terrible, libelous name-calling etc. Who would have thought 'MeToo' would occur in the Discernment camp? (I say this last statement with humour, though not to to take away from the seriousness of this situation). Keep up the good work, Treena, Mike

Treena Gisborn said...

Thank you Mike. I have also been thinking about Deborah from Discerning the World. I do know of someone else that is contacting Graham Baldwin. Hopefully "Me too" will kick in. I notice that Tim Wirth, Moriel's previous administrator (Josh Chavez predecessor) has now spoken out on FB saying: "Im glad God pulled me out." God bless.

Pat said...

I too think that Deborah form Discerning the World should contact Graham. Surprised to see Tim Wirth's post. Perhaps this will be a wake up call for others who have been or are still involved with Jacob and Moriel. God bless you Treena

Mike Evans said...

Hi again. I put a comment under a JP article at DTW with a link to this site in case Deborah wishes to become involved and/or follow the progress of this issue. Glad to hear of Tim Wirth's defection. There is terrific irony in Joshua Chavez becoming a part of a corrupt ministry which is in unity with ecumenicists such as the late Chuck Smith and David Noakes. He now has primary as well as secondary fellowship with heretics. What perilous times we live in! I have nearly given up attempting to rescue people caught up in charismatic delusions. A couple I know recently viciously attacked me for 'denying the Holy Spirit and leaving the true understanding of faith (ie. Word of Faith)', stating that my present tribulations are judgments of God while they are enjoying abundant prosperity. When I asked them if they believed Kenneth Hagin's doctrine that' we are as much incarnations of God as Christ was on the earth'. Their answer was 'Yes, we ARE Christ!'. Ugh. What delusions people are trapped in through pride and arrogance. Hope your weekend was a better one than mine was! No wonder we are told to reject heretics, not continue to fellowship to any degree with them. My best to you, Mike

Treena Gisborn said...

Hopefully Deborah DTW will get in touch Mike. In the meantime my friends Pat and Mike have also emailed Graham Baldwin and hopefully others will do the same. I am also being attacked Mike. I was thinking that some have been given over to the spirit of error.. i.e. God has allowed people to be deceived due to their wilful ignorance in spite of being presented with indisputable facts. I shall continue to pray that Prasch and his followers will repent. God bless.

Mike Evans said...

Hi Treena, I believe you did the right and kind thing in putting your doctrinal differences with DTW to one side and alerting Deborah to the situation re JP and the investigation. It appears to have backfired. I like Tom and Deborah and agree with much of what they post online. I pray that conviction and repentance and comfort takes place in this circumstance takes place as the Lord wills. My best to you. Happy Christmas, Mike

Mike Evans said...

P. S. Apologies re above typo!

Treena Gisborn said...

Treena Gisborn said...
Tom and Deborah's response is very disappointing Mike.

I did not want to get into a protracted debate with Tom about the pre-wrath position as I perceived that it would become very contentious. I am convinced that pre-wrath is the correct view as they are convinced about the pre-trib view. Louis Erasmus is staunchly pre-trib and yet I have managed to communicate with him without a problem. Colin and I also differ in that he is post-trib and also a Calvinist, and yet I manage to communicate with him about these things without a problem.

As for "all the women who are whining and whinging about the hurt and the suffering caused by Jacob Prasch’s railings.." This is very unfair. Firstly it is not only women who are complaining about Prasch's abuse. Secondly, Prasch claims to be a "brother", which makes his savage behaviour as a reviler unacceptable. "Purge the evil person from among you." (1 Corinthians 5:9-13). Thirdly, as a supposed "brother" Prasch does need to be held accountable, and that is certainly not the case at the present time.

I don't see any women "whining and whinging" personally, but Tom and Deborah obviously have a completely different take on it. I do not intend to get into protracted arguments with Tom and Deborah about the timing of the rapture or anything else and I wish them well.

God bless.

colin said...

I would rather keep my thoughts to myself regarding DTW, however, their zeal for attacking Calvinism and the post tribulation Second Advent of the Lord knows no bounds! There is "a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge." Rom.10:2. I really would encourage believers not to read their articles, but I digress.

Regarding Matt. 5.10:12, primarily, this is applicable to "the world" for "Everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light lest his deeds be reproved." Jn.3:20. "The world cannot hate you; but Me it hateth, because I testify of it that the works thereof are evil." Jn.7:7. "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have CHOSEN you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." Jn.15:19 (my emphasis). But, are we not in the evil days as prophesied by the Saviour? "the love of many shall wax cold." Matt.24:12? And here He was talking of Christian brethren! O the infighting that is now going on today! And it WILL get worse.

DTW have their own agenda, and I am not surprised at their response in regards to Prasch, as other doctrinal issues are clouding their view. As Tom mentions me, I only say that pretribulationism is a false doctrine because I don't see it taught anywhere in the Scriptures, and if any Christian pre-trib teacher is saved at all, it is only through God's grace alone (and any other false teaching, for that matter).
I don't want to go back debating with Tom and Deborah, they've made up their minds, just leave them to it.

The focus should remain on the subject under discussion, and if any Christian were to ask a dyed in the wool atheist what the character traits of a Christian were, (especially a teacher!) the answer would generally contain words such as meek, mild, gentle, humble, temperate, considerate, restrained, not a brawler, not given to foul language, etc,etc. Sadly, I don't see any of these distinguishing marks in Prasch.
Remember, just as you did, I once had a very high regard for Prasch.

God bless.

Man from Modesto said...

I lived in Modesto, CA for six years and I saw the trail of wounded limping out of Bethel. Bizarrely, they all proclaimed how great the experience was... but they had been wrecked. I wrote an article sharing some of these experiences: