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Thursday, 11 April 2019


We the undersigned as professional experienced police investigators with over half a century of detective experience combined in the investigation of crime wish to respond regarding the vexatious claims made against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch by those supporting a Mr. David Nathan of South Africa in a theological dispute and those acting in concert with them. We specifically refer to internet posted material by the Catalyst organisation acting in apparent concert with the 'My Organizer' business enterprise of Stuart & Debora Menelaus of Fife, Scotland operating variously under the names of Bethel Communications and GV 24/7, along with the continuing diatribe by someone using the pseudonym tbckwaii, Who does not have the credibility or courage to disclose who he really is.
We first of all note that the claim that Moriel is under investigation is in itself devoid of substance as there is and has been no investigation, criminal or otherwise, by any government , police, or judicial agency. It is a contrived and defamatory assertion intended to give Catalyst kudos but shows them to be rather inept and foolish.
As senior police detectives we fundamentally reject such assertions directed against the Moriel Ministry and against Jacob Prasch as bogus and having no merit nor actual evidence. We have all known Jacob Prasch personally and are well familiar with Moriel for a number of years and any inordinate activity either personal or financial would have been recognized by us, and detected by any police investigator over a period of time. There has been none however. From the perspective of a police investigation, these allegations appear manufactured, meritless and personally vindictive using immature bullying and harassment tactics falsely portrayed as qualified superiority.
From the initial leading of the witness David Nathan on the GV247 program to the continued use of hearsay and conjecture by Catalyst, they have only made themselves look vindictive and motivated by spite. There is no evidence that would pass any criminal or civil threshold test, and they know it, otherwise they would have handed it over to a statutory authority .There is no justifiable or evidential basis for this continued attack by apparent Christian brethren which is harassment asthere is nothing established on the basis of any verifiable fact.
Such defamatory claims moreover are readily off-set by a range of witnesses intimately familiar with Moriel and its director whose testimonies are uniformly an endorsement of honesty and an affirmation of good character.
It is our assessment as senior investigating police detectives from three different nations with lifetime careers investigation crime and fraud that no credible police agency or jurisdiction would lend credence to the demonstrably contorted insinuations and character assassination attempts found in these unsubstantiated charges aimed at Moriel Ministries and against Jacob Prasch. His integrity remains secure, but that of the afore-mentioned must be considered tarnished.
Sergeant Amos Farrell
Sr. Detective (ret)
Scotland Yard
Metropolitan Police,
London (UK)
Captain Michael Benade
Detective Commander (ret)
South African National Police
(So. Africa)
Sr. Sergeant Michael Keaney
Senior Investigating Detective
New Zealand Police (NZ)

Senior Investigating Police Detectives? I don't think so!!!

Are we supposed to take the above statement as a joke? Do these men have the authority to speak for the Police Authorities in their respective countries? Graham Baldwin has never claimed that an investigation by government, police, or judicial agency is underway! My understanding is that he is undertaking an investigation into Jacob Prasch/Moriel Ministries under the banner of Catalyst Counselling.

Critically, I have received information from the New Zealand Police Infringements Bureau that they have no record of Michael Keaney on their staff. They have informed me that this matter has been sent to the appropriate team for investigation. It is yet to be ascertained whether Farrell and Benade are genuine retired police officers. IF in fact they are, neither of them held senior positions!

Sergeant Amos Farrell Senior Detective:

There are no less than nine ranks above a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. {1} A senior position is well above the rank of Sergeant! {1} Here in the UK, the rank of Sergeant is above that of Police Constable, the lowest ranking police officer. In the Metropolitan Police, Farrell's title would have been Detective Sergeant and not Senior Detective.

Captain Michael Benade:

The rank of Captain in the South African Police is the second lowest rank, above that of Lieutenant. {2}

Sr. Sergeant Michael Keaney ?? 

The rank of Senior Sergeant in New Zealand is above that of Senior Constable and Sergeant. Inspectors and above are considered to be "Senior Detectives". {3} It appears that Keaney is not on the staff of the New Zealand Police in any event!

Well Jacob, the statement has been good for a laugh if nothing else!!! I nearly split my sides!

No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes. (Psalm 101:7).

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Police_Service
2. https://rekordmoot.co.za/124086/what-you-might-not-have-known-about-police-ranks/
3. http://firedognz.weebly.com/rank-structure2.html


  1. I am amazed at the level of stupidity that comes from smart people. I would say nitwit would be a word appropriate for Jacob prasch

  2. I didn't take it seriously for a minute Mike.
    God bless.

  3. It really troubles me that I once took Prasch seriously in the first place.
    Words fail me to describe this nonsense.
    God bless.

  4. If anyone else had written such driven they would have been slammed by Prasch Colin!
    God bless.

  5. Another question that is really not asked is does James (Jimmy) Prasch truly have Jewish ancestry in his family?
    Jacobs mother was a faithful Roman Catholic and his father James Prasch SR was of no apparent faith at all.
    Jimmy's mom and dad would have been married in a Roman Catholic Church and a priest back in those days would never have married a Roman Catholic to a Jewish man.
    Now James wife Pavia is for sure Jewish so maybe after James married Pavia he adopted the Jewish faith and then eventually both James and Pavia would convert to Christianity.
    Jacobs real name is listed here on his mom's obituary.
    Maureen A. Prasch (Nee:Connors)

    Lakewood - Maureen A. Prasch (Nee:Connors); 86, passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 28th at the Center for Hope Hospice in Elizabeth, NJ, surrounded by her loving family.

    Maureen was born and raised in Bayonne, NJ. She moved to Highlands, NJ where she lived until her retirement in 1989. Before eventually settling in Lakewood, NJ, she spent her early retired years extensively travelling the U.S. and lived briefly on Whidbey Island in Washington State, and in Venice, Hollywood Beach and West Palm Beach, FL.

    She was a retired Scheduler for NY and NJ Port Authority for over 21 years. She loved New York City and spent much of her free time there enjoying it. She was a patriotic American who bore a deep love for her Irish heritage. She travelled to Ireland many times and was an avid fan of its music, dance and literary culture.

    Beloved Mother of James A. Prasch, Jr., Theresa Prasch Ward, Robert C. Prasch, & Sandra O'Connor Carey. Devoted Grandmother of Beth Miel, Eli Prasch, Kieran Prasch, Ashlyn Ward & Rhiannon O'Connor. Adoring Great-Grandmother of Joshua Miel. Loving Sister of Catherine Connors and the late Michael, Charles, Brian, Francis, and Cornelius Connors, Theresa Boyle, Anne Halecki, and Margaret Carstens. Dear Sister-In-Law of Peter Halecki. She is also survived by many Nieces & Nephews.

    Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Viewing on Wednesday, May 2nd from

    4 - 8 PM at the G. Keenen O'Brien Funeral Home, 984 Avenue C, Bayonne. A Funeral Mass will be offered on Thursday, May 3rd at 11 AM at St. Vincent's Church. Private Cremation.
    Published in Asbury Park Press on May 1, 2018

    So Jacob maybe adopted the name Jacob so he could be called Yacov and sell himself as a Jewish American teacher?
    Again keeping in mind his wife Pavia is very smart and teaches Hebrew and Mathematics in the UK where Jimmy still lives.
    Jimmy is a citizen of the UK not of American and has no American address unless you include David Listers address where Jimmy will stay on occasion.

    Interesting the bag of goods people have been sold for decades.
    Jimmy has always been an angry person.
    I hope he gets better

  6. Baldwin's investigation into Moriel/Prasch has always been just that-Catalyst's. In an earlier comment elsewhere, I said it is at best an "ecclesiastical investigation." At no time have the police been involved (to the best of my knowledge); but many a private investigation through the years have led to the police bringing charges if it has been proven the subject of the investigation has committed a criminal offence. Exactly what the upshot of this investigation will be-only God knows!
    God bless.

  7. It's becoming like a Carry On comedy, only not as funny and with less talented performers. It is however, as coarse as those British comedies can be at times.
    It looks to me like something created by JP which he has asked friends to sign who happen to be policemen. I am surprised any sane adult would sign such propaganda. A desperate - and idiotic-act.
    Will there be a 'Carry On Moriel 2'? Is Barbara Windsor available to be in it? In bemused dismay, Mike

  8. Mike - I couldn't have put it better. You have summed up my thoughts precisely.
    God bless.

  9. This was all I could think about when I saw it!


  10. CMFI's point number 4 states that Moriel offered to remove all its inflammatory videos if all the other "protagonists" did the same, but it was refused. This is a complete lie. I have never been contacted or heard any such request in order to be able to have refused. I take it CMFI can provide evidence of the request AND the refusal from me? Obviously they can't.

    If they didn't lie outright, if they were fed information by Moriel, then that means they are just as bad as the Moriel cult members (who they say don't exist), for they believe Prasch unquestioningly. CMFI don't research, they don't fact check.

    There are only two possible explanations for CMFI's statement: that they deliberately lied or they believed Prasch's false information without checking.

    Either option means that they are complete idiots

  11. Just to make readers aware, the CMFI released a statement yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/MorielTV/posts/2253740548277690?__tn__=K-R

    Of particular note is that Prasch and co are unwilling to drop David Nathan's name despite everything he has done to put matters right: https://www.bolm.co.za/#xl_xr_page_moriel%20dispute

    "2. CMFI remains of the opinion that central to, and at the core of this dispute, remains the questionable teaching of David Nathan. Had Mr. Nathan responded quickly and privately to requests to clarify certain aspects of his doctrine, it is likely that the situation would not have escalated to current levels. Much of that which has followed has been a deflection away from the issue of doctrine to become an issue of behaviour. Whereas neither bad doctrine nor bad behaviour is condoned, many have lost sight of the fundamental issue at the core of the dispute."

    "4. In regard to the internet and social media aspect of this dispute, CMFI is aware that certain of it's members, actively involved in Moriel Ministries, have previously offered to remove all inflammatory content from those sites for which it is responsible. In return, request was made for the other protagonists in the dispute to do likewise."

    I have not received any such request either tbckawaii.

    The level of dishonesty is truly staggering!

    God bless.

  12. It is interesting how all 3 of the 3 policemen on Amos's document are deep in the Prasch echo chamber:

    1) Amos Farrell obviously is in deep with Prasch, filming him for his channel GCR TV and attacking naysayers regularly on Frank Rogers YouTube channel's comments section.

    2) Michael Benade is also in deep with Moriel as he was announced as the replacement South African Moriel admin in Fall 2018 replacing none other than David Nathan.


    3) Michael Keaney from New Zealand is ALSO in Moriel, and he and his wife are (or were) admins for Moriel in New Zealand according to column 1 of page 20 of the Moriel Quarterly magazine July/Sept 2012 (issue is titled 'The Scarlet Cord')

    As past and present police officers they must be aware of the term "conflict of interest".

  13. Their statement reads as though they are acting in some sort official capacity as "senior" police officers tbck.. In actual fact they are all retired JUNIOR police officers acting independently. They have misrepresented their respective police authorities and I think it should be made known.
    God bless.

  14. Thank you to everyone for standing up for all those who have been attacked by Jacob Prasch. All because I exposed his false Kabbalistic (Midrash) teachings.

    When I found out that he was SUPPOSEDLY trying to send the South African Police after me I was surprised, but not in total shock - this is something that I would expect of him. However I believe this statement of his to be utter nonsense.

    Jacob Prasch says in snapshot above: “While I did not sue, we did have a retired Christian South African Police Captain who now leads a Moriel affiliated church try to send the Police to her door under a South African law that makes certain kinds of libel not only a civil, but a criminal offense, but police corruption in that country made it too difficult and we will not pay bribes.”

    I made a snapshot of the email Jacob Prasch wrote: discerningtheworld.com/images/wpi/Email-Jacob-Prasch.jpg

  15. Regarding this comment "CMFI's point number 4 states that Moriel offered to remove all its inflammatory videos if all the other "protagonists" did the same, but it was refused. This is a complete lie. I have never been contacted or heard any such request in order to be able to have refused. I take it CMFI can provide evidence of the request AND the refusal from me? Obviously they can't."

    Ditto, I've had no request either. Having said that I've made no inflammatory comments about Jacob Prasch. All I've done is exposed his doctrine.